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Go to for high quality, long lasting tights in any color that’s on trend

By Kittymodern on 4/6/2018

I love the color selection, I’ve never seen so many in one place.

By Cutie on 4/6/2018

any time I need thigh high socks or leggings I get them here because the prices and experience, as well as product, are great!

By mal on 4/5/2018

Love the website ! Wish there were more patterned tights though

By Hannah on 4/5/2018

I love all of the options! Please add black too the footless tights tho!

By BlueBonsai on 4/5/2018

Was recommended by a friend and now I can’t stop

By Valaundra on 4/4/2018

We Love Colors has a great reputation for quality and is fantastic for cosplayers who are looking for consistency of color. I was disappointed to learn that they are discontinuing their leggings, however. I hope they are only redesigning them and will bring them back soon.

By Cal on 4/15/2018

I love your quick service and will use ya'll again just hoping I get these by Friday thanks

By Gee on 4/15/2018

Glad they have big sizes!

By Online Shopper on 4/15/2018

I was delighted to find a store with all of the colors you have. Sometimes you need a special color that is not easily found elsewhere.

By Kcat333 on 3/31/2018

Highly recommended by the cosplay community! I can't wait to receive my order! Ki

By Miki on 3/30/2018

The website was rather slow to load, but the website was easy to understand and use.

By Kylee on 4/14/2018

I wish we love colors had cheaper shipping. The level of which it goes from $7. to 16.00 was a difference of a 15. item. This seems strnge to me.

By jane on 4/14/2018

Lots of selections in all colors

By Lyn on 4/14/2018

I have my fingers crossed. Purchased show laces, there wasn't a great description or pictures of the product on-line. Sent some emails, got a quick response - I'm hoping I get what I'm expecting!

By Online Shopper on 4/3/2018

I have never shopped her before but I had an easy time navigating the website and the sizes seem to truly be plus size. If they fit when I get them I will definitely buy more and tell others about them.

By Luci on 4/13/2018

I recommend We Love Colors to all of my plus-size/fat friends. I've been purchasing WLC tights for a few years now and they are the only tights that fit me well. They don't really stand up well and I have to buy new ones every year, but I think it's worth it for the fit, comfort and color.

By sally on 4/13/2018


By Valaundra cosplay on 4/13/2018

As a plus-sized costume maker, it's hard to find tights and leggings that won't rip of tear. We Love Colors always has good quality tights and leggings in a variety of colors for the variety of costumes I make!

By Navi on 4/13/2018

I really love We Love Colors' selection. I have heard that they have good quality products, and I'm impressed with not only the styles of products they offer, but the sheer amount of colors, as their company name suggests. I can't wait to incorporate more of their stuff into my wardrobe!

By Online Shopper on 4/12/2018