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I love all the color options provided!!!

By Sir on 3/25/2018

Size options aren't great. I'm 5'10" and weigh 135 lbs and the largest option is up to 5'9"

By Jacob on 3/14/2018

I was a little confused when checking out when pay pal would show up.

By Online Shopper on 3/24/2018

Very helpful when it comes to finding unique and fun colors

By Haleigh on 3/24/2018

The website is a little clunky. I wanted several colors of one product and had to keep going back to choose more colors. The tights are great, tho a little scratched than I had hoped.

By Online Shopper on 3/23/2018

Love these tights. Love the options.

By shannon on 3/23/2018

It would be really handy if measurements were available for the tights and things, but I know that's not always possible because of the stretch factor. I'm a transgender man so my proportions are really whack and somewhere between "typical male" and "typical female," because I have the fat distribution of a man but the bones of a woman, so to say. Having the height and weight is great and it's what I use when buying sizes, but having some other measurements as a fallback would be good for cross-dressing cosplayers like me.

By Online Shopper on 3/6/2018

I wish we love colors had a color card that could be purchased to ensure that the items ordered were correct. Many merchants offer this service, for a fee - believe me, I would be happy to pay for a color swatch card over sending things back and forth!

By Online Shopper on 3/22/2018

I had been searching for a long time for grey knee hi's. The stores all discontinued carrying them. I'd searched other sites before without luck. Today I was fortunate to find We Love Colors as they had just what I wanted.

By Graylady on 3/23/2018

It's always hard to find good bottom wear for events such as raves and festivals. Once I found this website I know it's going to be my go to! The range of colors is amazing and is what drew me in. Love it!

By basscurlz on 4/4/2018


By MEALY on 3/29/2018

Website a bit flaky.

By Carol on 4/3/2018


By DONTHAVEONE on 4/2/2018

The item is not at all what I expected. I am returning it for a refund.

By Online Shopper on 4/2/2018

This was my first experience so I can't speak to quality of products personally, although they were recommended by friends. I love the color selection available and the fact that all sizes are represented so if that is any indication of quality I think I will be happy.

By sdsansky on 4/2/2018

was a bit frustrating to have to go back to the main category to drill back down to look for another item. For example, clicking on Women, then plus size, then adding an item to the shopping cart, to look for a different plus size item I had to go back to women, then plus size then choose the item type. It would be much mor convenient to have the categories expand on the left side, then just click on plus size again to see the items.

By Online Shopper on 3/24/2018

the tights were not as sturdy as i hoped. the seams pulled out right away, and the waist is way too high.

By Online Shopper on 4/2/2018

Sizing on plus size tights is off, sooo much smaller than anticipated. Foot less tights are awkward to wear and have seams in weird places.

By Online Shopper on 4/2/2018

Website is good easy to use and many unique colors and patterns to choose from.

By Dru on 4/2/2018

No others had the colors you have hope I’m satisfied if I am I will be ordering every week unti I get all the colors.

By Lover on 4/1/2018