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I'll see how I like the gloves when I receive them.
By phulekiller on 3/12/2019
I was looking on Instagram and noticed that WeLoveColors had come out with Nylon Gloves so no more painting my hands when I need to do body paint! I'm so excited and can't wait to get them!
By Jamie on 3/11/2019
I would recommend We Love Colors to people who need gloves or tights for cosplay characters, as that is what I am using it for. The prices were good and there are a lot of good colors.
By Jester on 3/8/2019
Loved the gloves overall. However, a small tear happened by the thumb after wearing them only a few times.
By Heather on 3/5/2019
I love the quality of We Love Colors, but the website isn't very well put together. It's kind of a mess and the only way I can find what I need is my using the search and then skimming. For instance, I wanted elbow length gloves, found them for men and not women, the men option isn't being carried anymore, so I couldn't even order the color I wanted in that, so I had to order the shoulder length, which isn't what I really wanted.
By Laura on 2/17/2019
I previously purchased some tights and gloves for a cosplay I am doing in a month, the colors of the two different products matched perfectly. I just ordered another set of tights for some alterations I am making and it was a very quick and easy experience. The pricing is very clear, the process is easy, the website is simple to navigate. Love this company, excited to buy from them in the future.
By Moose on 2/14/2019
I know this site because of the gloves that they offer in a huge selection of colors for a fairly reasonable price. I had ordered from them before a few years ago and so since I needed some more gloves I figured I would check them out again. I do have some issues with the glove selection though as you don't get to see a picture of the product in the color you want and they just leave the sizing as one size fits all. That isn't very accurate when you are trying to order for plus size arms so it would have been nice to know the max stretch. I then had to order some fabric and this is my first time doing so from this site. It was odd. There aren't really any pictures of the fabric. I ended up checking out the facebook page to see what the fabric looked like. The price isn't terrible and I knew the colors should match the gloves so I decided to go with it said it said in stock. Once I got to the check out though it kept giving me the option to pick a different color. I never figured out what it was wanting and ordered the original color anyways.
By R on 2/11/2019
I bought the wrong colour gloves last time but since I had to wear them to make sure it looked right, I didn't feel comfortable returning them. I don't mind in the least (although my wallet might) because it just means I have maroon gloves in case I ever need them
By SirenSkye Cosplay on 2/5/2019
We Love Colors seems to be a go-to for a ton of cosplayers I know, and i see why! A large variety of leggings, tights and gloves makes body paint a lot easier to match!
By Lee on 1/27/2019
I love the wrist gloves
By Skeets on 1/17/2019
Great range of products that are very helpful to use in place of body paint for cosplay
By Rachel on 1/15/2019
The website is easy to use and all my questions were answered under the shipping tab. The color guide helped out in deciding which color to perfectly choose to match my cosplay. The price is worth it due to how highly recommended We Love Colors is. Also shipping was perfect amount.
By Desi on 1/15/2019
If you need quality gloves and tights... I always use we love colors especially for men's sizes. They are my go to for costume needs of that nature.
By dhlcla on 1/12/2019
I was having a difficult time finding the right type of accessories for my costume, and We Love Colors had them available and at a completely reasonable price. I even found a pair of gloves that I wasn't looking for but would have made a GREAT addition to my costume.
By Online Shopper on 1/9/2019
Every time I have bought from WeLoveColours, its always been a great experience. There's no scouring the website for what I need; everything is in its place and very easy to find. And, they always have what I need! I don't think I've needed a colour they don't have. The thigh highs are comfortable and fairly resilient, and the shoulder gloves are so comfortable (I have long fingers and narrow arms/hands, but they fit flawlessly!).
By SirenSkyeCosplay on 1/7/2019
Ve inly had good experiences with we love colour. I received two pairs of gloves as a gift and i wear them in the subway and while grocery shopping because im a bit of a germophobe. The gloves are fantastic but after several years they are looking a little tired and i thought I’d order new ones.
By Skeets on 12/30/2018
I frequently need to match fabrics I already own to tights or gloves and the color chart available is incredibly helpful. I'm able to hold up my fabric right next to my computer screen and see what color matches best.
By Sonny Eclipse on 12/3/2018
They have tons of colors and lots of plus size options. I just wish they had plus size thigh high options, as their one size thigh highs are tight on my thigh and tend to roll. But I like to go to them for cosplay for colored tights and gloves. I am also very tempted by their dancewear leotards/unitard
By Hillarie on 11/12/2018
We Love Colors is so great! I love the variety of the items that they have and their tights and gloves are perfect for cosplay, they're mostly reasonably priced, and their customer service department is EXCELLENT! I've run into shipping issues before and they were fantastic about rectifying the situation quickly and courteously. Their website is easy to navigate and you can tell they really care about the cosplay community.
By Duckie on 10/23/2018
I've bought gloves from welovecolors and I adored them! They felt so good to wear and didn't slide off my short fingers. I would recommend them though I've only tried their gloves but I've also heard alot of good things as well.
By Cammie on 10/17/2018
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