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Needed simple white knee high socks for a cosplay and had a great experience ordering the elbow length gloves last year so I chose We Love Colors for this purchase based off past positive experiences with the products and company as well as the very reasonable prices and fast shipping times.
By FlargleSnarfMuffin on 10/15/2019
The only reason I ordered from We Love Colors is because it was the only merchant that sold the color of tights I need for the cosplay I am doing for MAGfest. I've heard the quality is good from other cosplayers, but the price and shipping costs are outrageous. It is also going to take way longer to get my purchase then I thought. It will probably not be in for the Halloween parties I intended to go to with this costume. I would be more willing to pay the cost of the stockings if it didn't then cost me an additional $20 to get them to me on time. I opted to just wait longer for shipping. These stockings/ gloves better not tear.
By Online Shopper on 10/13/2019
I love the color options, the flexibility in sizes, and the ease of ordering. Always arrives in a timely manner AND if you cosplay, mehron make up is color matched. Their color match selection does however need an update! The tight are hella comfortable and the gloves, I can not wait to try.
By RAV10L1 on 10/11/2019
I’m pretty sure this size of glove will fit. The long glove only listed bicep circumference, but the wrist glove used palm width, and the size I was given for both of those agrees. It would have been nice if that information was combined. Unfortunately, when searching through the turtleneck suits, the color I wanted (lilac) appeared to be unavailable in my size (XXL). So instead of getting that with wrist gloves, I’m only getting long gloves and relying on the rest of my costume to cover above the elbow. Unfortunately, that means I’ll have to paint my chest and neck to match as well.
By Lia on 10/11/2019
We Love Colors was a great site to find white gloves for my Sailor Jupiter cosplay. The quality was way better than other gloves on the market, I had to reach out to customer service to ask a question about the gloves and they responded very quickly to my email.
By Magical Ash on 10/11/2019
I heard about We Love Colors from some of my favorite cosplayers on Instagram. I am a cosplayer and needed gloves for my Sailor Jupiter cosplay. I checked it out and really loved the format of the website and found it really easy to find the gloves that the cosplayers used. I reached out to customer service to ask about the sizing of the gloves and Amy( from customer service) was very quick to respond and answered my question. I am really excited to try out the products. If the products are the quality that I expect, I would definitely recommend We Love Colors.
By Magical Ash on 9/27/2019
I cosplay, and this site has the best gloves for arm-sleeves I've found. The color selection is excellent, and the material seems to be great quality.
By Seth on 9/23/2019
I couldn't find any sizing information with the gloves, and they don't offer paypal, which is a bummer. International shipping was also a little expensive, and although I don't think their prices are unreasonable, the Australian dollar is so bad that it ended up being more than I had intended on spending. I was very happy to find a colour matching page for mehron body paints, although I had to google it to find it, I couldn't find it through their website, and only knew it existed because I remembered reading about it in a Ginny Di instagram post a while ago.
By Online Shopper on 9/19/2019
I had bought the wrong gloves last purchase, though somehow my return never showed up at headquarters because I never got the credit back for the gloves I actually needed. The sizes arent super helpful as my fit problems tend to be with the finger length, but hopefully these will fit. When I buy the right thing Im always happy with my products though so Im not too worried. I love the Mehron color matching available it's really helpful when my friends need cosplay gear I always suggest you guys.
By TeaWitch on 9/19/2019
You can’t always tell how the colours will turn out, but if you check the mehron colour chart it has their base colours matched to paint. The rest is a bit of guesswork but the tights are a cheap(ish) way to find out and match for cosplay. The seamless gloves are 900000% better than making your own arm socks. Buy them. (Please expand your Mehron colour matching to new colours! Aqua and neon blue aren’t on there)
By TeamTiefling on 9/16/2019
I love we love colors. I have multiple gloves and tights from this brand and they make my costumes so much easier to wear. I love not having to paint my hands/legs. I'm updating my costume and so wanted to purchase shorter gloves for even easier wear.
By Ash on 9/16/2019
I've heard many good things about We Love Colors and as a new Jester Cosplayer decided that they were the best place to go for what I needed. The fact that they are so inclusive with size is truly impressive! I didn't need tights for me (just for Jester's tail) but the wide range of sizes and the fact that they weren't dramatically increased in price is nice to see as someone who is a size 20 and usually has to pay twice the price of someone who isn't plus sized. There were a variety of shipping options (SO MANY OPTIONS!) and I can't wait to receive my gloves and tights!
By Brie on 9/15/2019
So I was told about this website by cosplayer GinnyDi, she mentioned how great the pieces she got were for her Jester Cosplay. I went to the website and found the gloves I was looking for to make my Cadeuces cosplay. I saw the price and couldn't believe it was so affordable. I think you'll really like the selection they have! You should check it out ASAP!
By JaAS.Cosplay on 9/14/2019
I'm so excited about my first ever WeLoveColors order! I've seen other cosplayers who use their products and there's been nothing but positive reviews. There wasn't a doubt in my mind that I would buy from WLC for gloves for my Sailor Scout! Absolutely can't wait to buy from them again!
By Phoenix on 9/13/2019
I will shop from you again because most of your items are offered in a plus size that fits me, in all the popular colors. I am VERY dissappointed that you do not offer ANY thigh high stockings in plus size, over 160 pounds. I am 240#. That is very body shaming of you to think that plus sized women do not want pretty sexy stockings. Everything else you offer in plus size.. To not offer the stockings is to send a message that plus sized women are not sexual beings, so let's not even offer it. That was one of the two items I was intent on purchasing today. Instead of offering me stockings, you offer me a tutorial on how I can make my own out of tights. If I wanted to make my own clothing, I would not need to shop with you at all. Why don't you hire someone to make the plus sized tights into stockings?! That's your job, not mine. At checkout: I tried to copy and paste my phone number into your forms. Your form would not allow me to do that. Typing it in, allows spyware to capture my keystrokes, so I don't like to type it in. I like to paste it in. Paypal did not offer me the option to log in as guest. I have been to other websites that offer this option. So my only other option was to trust you with my credit card data. I trusted you with my card info only because you have an OK rating with the Better Business Bureau. Otherwise you would not have gotten my card info, and you would not have gotten my purchase. I would have gone elsewhere to protect my card info. For my overall experience, I have to say WELL DONE! Keep up the good work! I love the dark teal gloves and dark teal tights/fishnets. They will go great with my mother-of-the-bride dress.
By --- on 9/11/2019
Happy to try the seamless gloves, I have a couple costumes that might need them coming up in the next year or so
By Online Shopper on 9/8/2019
It's an excellent store! Friends from far and wide recommended both the tights and long gloves for their wide color selection and sturdiness. I haven't received my product yet, but I found exactly what I was looking for with just a few clicks.
By Mist on 9/6/2019
I've had my eyes on welovecolors for a couple years now for cosplay but just never had the chance to drop the money for the gloves id wanted. Im excited to finally try them out and hopefully order many more!
By Jor on 9/5/2019
I wanted some cosplay gloves; I left with tights. Everything seems normal here.
By Azza on 9/3/2019
I know the seamless gloves are pricy but they're pricy for a reason - it's that or sew your own armsocks (which will have seams) (which will rip apart). I'm looking forward to NOT having to do that. Plus, they had way more items than I expected.
By Aldi on 8/29/2019
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