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I really love the variety and quality of products in every color I could ever need! Really useful for cosplay, and pretty affordable, too.

By Kate on 5/7/2018

I first ordered tights from y’all roughly 4 years ago and all three pairs are still in such fantastic shape. I’ve never had tights that hold up as well as these. But after four years of pretty hard wear and tear I think it’s time for a new set that I hope will last just as long.

By Sid on 5/7/2018

I love we love colors. We love colors is a company that I love because I, like the company, love colors. (I've wanted to order for cosplay reasons for years and now I'm finally going to live that dream! I <3 we love colors)

By C-Dizzle on 5/6/2018

The site is easy and has a variety of colors that match well with any cosplays.

By Zaraena on 5/17/2018

the colour charts do not accurately represent some of the colours. I've returned 3 x pairs fishnets because the colours are not what I wanted.

By Online Shopper on 5/16/2018

I was not fond of having always to go back to the main We Love Colors menu after putting an item in the shopping cart.

By DoNotPublish on 5/6/2018

I love this wedsite it’s a great place to get all your under garments and needs

By Tea on 5/16/2018

Love the color options and larger sizes.

By N on 5/15/2018

Love the color selection for cosplay!

By Krissy on 5/15/2018

A cool site for solid colored tights. I've never used them before, but We Love Colors comes recommended by friends who have used solid colored tights for costume pieces before.

By Evan on 5/15/2018

A friend helped me order a pair of tights from We Love Colors a few years ago. The quality was amazing and I'm hoping it has remained the same. I look forward to receiving my order.

By Mats on 5/15/2018

The turquoise fishnet tights look stunning

By Juliana on 5/14/2018

I love the detailed information We Love Colors provides. The color guides are especially helpful and I love that I can be confident in my purchase.

By Virginia on 5/14/2018

Like your selection of tights. Just wished they had cotton gussets.

By Shairsy on 5/14/2018

We do stage shows and contests, and when you want/have to do colorful characters usually the receipe is to douse yourself in paint and sealer and walk around like a oil spill. God forbid if you scratch your noise. So I've avoided them for several years until my troupe started begging to do the critical role cast (geek and sundry on youtube). A lot of people recommended this site, and you had the exact skin tones for our wonderful colorful cleric and bard. Very excited! I can't wait to see how they look on the characters and how much easier it'll be to move around. Hopefully they last through six dance numbers and a lot of hugging. A lot of hugs. Theater lives on?

By Sora on 4/22/2018

I absolutely loved all the color options! I needed mint fishnet tights for a dance event and I couldn't find them anywhere, but I managed to find this website and was so surprised at all the wonderful options! I will definitely recommend to people in the future.

By Jesse on 5/13/2018

i love colors!

By dede' on 5/13/2018

Been looking for days for summer tights!

By Jean on 5/4/2018

Super easy and great checkout experience!

By Online Shopper on 5/13/2018

I was looking for a pair of teal tights in person for a next-day "color party" (wearing all one color). I wasn't able to find any for that, but I realized I still wanted teal tights, so as I was already familiar with We Love Colors - and have recommended it to friends looking for brightly colored tights in the past - I decided to come hear and purchase a pair. They were easy to find in my size, and while slightly more expensive than most tights I purchase are within the "normal" range.

By KE on 4/29/2018