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I absolutely love my tie dyed tights! They’re so vibrant and well made. They really are unique, they’re like nothing else I’ve seen before! I can’t wait to wear them and I’ll definitely buy more!
By DyiingBride on 5/17/2020
It’s really easy to find items by color and the sizing is clearly explained. I use this product to pair with my Mehron body paint so it’s easy to match.
By Mira on 5/16/2020
I wanted to try something different for my bodysuit material. I purchased the full tricot in Lavender to make a bodysuit for Lore Olympus’ Aphrodite. The material had enough stretch and breath ability for all day wear! I didn’t have any issue with the quality of the fabric and the shipping and fulfillment was prompt as always.
By Mae Dae on 5/16/2020
It was easy and clear. Sizing was a little tricky but explanations were fair. We were looking for multicolor striped tights and couldn't find any, but website was fine!
By Shan on 5/16/2020
Awesome colors, terrific fit, perfect!!
By Brianna on 5/16/2020
Ive bought from here back in 2012. 8 years later i found myself on the hunt for an assortment of thigh highs. My searching was fruitless until i remembered this site that had every color and then some. Im looking forward to utilizing my goodies!
By Jem Sabre on 5/16/2020
Theres so many colors to choose from, I had to stop myself from buying more just bc I liked the colors.
By Lu on 5/15/2020
Very friendly. And easy to exchange if something is wrong. Never had any problems
By Nema on 5/15/2020
I was looking for plus size hot pink thigh high socks. I was led to We Love Colors. I saw they had plus size stay up socks in tons of colors so I selected neon pink. However, the only stay up socks available were in grey and light grey. I was disappointed but happy to find that there were options for neon pink tights and glittery fishnets. The ordering was simple and intuitive. If I like the products I receive I will be ordering from here again.
By Chunkyblackdaria on 5/14/2020
It was easy to navigate the website and the prices are reasonable. The variety of designs and colors is amazing too!!
By Eri on 5/14/2020
A lot of cosplayers online reccomend this shop for an alternative to using excessive body paint and I'm hoping this will work!
By Liv on 5/14/2020
The selection and variety is great. The amount of different products are sold are extremely helpful. The only negative thing I can think of is that the images sometimes won’t refresh when switching between colors on a product which makes it more difficult to compare the two images without having to refresh the entire page. Other than that, I’d recommend this to my friends and performers
By Tequila Mockingbird on 5/14/2020
We Love Colors has so many different colors, sizes and products - I've never been disappointed with their tights.
By TwinkiePon on 5/14/2020
Love the fact we can finally get awesome tights in bigger sizes way to go We Love Colors...
By aliensandbutterflys on 5/13/2020
I was looking for a pair of arm socks for a cosplay I'm improving. The gloves were relatively easy to find, and the pictures are clear, but sizing isn't super obvious, so picking the size I need was a little bit of a guessing game. Hopefully it fits when it arrives.
By Chris on 5/13/2020
We needed to get a bunch of gloves and tights for my bunny suit cosplay group, Snacc Pack, and I always prefer to bulk order so that it's cheaper for us in the long run. And We Love Colors has both gloves and tights and we need them to look good
By Ash on 5/13/2020
We Love Colors offered so many options that I was able to find exactly what I need for my cosplay. It was simple to use and ship is cheap. I love all the options.
By Alice on 5/13/2020
Was told by my physician that a nylon spandex pantyhose helps a lot of patient’s restless leg syndrome symptoms. So tried a pair and now I don’t need to take the meds now. The quality, fit and how comfortable this product is A+. I have placed large order for more.
By Art on 5/13/2020
I love the amazing selection of colors!
By Dru on 5/13/2020
The selection of colors is amazing! Y’all really do love colors. I will return to purchase some wear for fire dancing in the future. Especially love the sheer socks and that y’all offer fishnets in every style, socks, knee high etc. Glad I found this site.
By DeeDee on 5/13/2020