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I am a Ballet Costume designer/Mistress and love this resource. Absolutely wonderful company. I can get virtually any color I want. The website has evolved over the years and is such a positive message and experience. I love colorant so enjoy this company.
By Costume Lady on 5/5/2021
We Love Colors is my favorite place to buy tights! I prefer the nylon/lycra instead of spandex because they are soft and very comfortable. I wear plus size tights, and these don't squish your middle like many other tights do. Highly recommended!
By Andi on 5/5/2021
Only place I can find the colors to complete multiple Ren Fest costumes
By Alan on 5/4/2021
A big hobby of mine is cosplay, and I love to dress as characters who have odd skin tones (green, blue, etc.). These tights are always my go-to so that I don't need to paint my arms and legs, and both the quality and large range of colors/sizes always have me coming back. I totally suggest We Love Colors to anyone looking for good tights.
By Abbo on 5/4/2021
These footless tights are perfect under dresses, are opaque, yet lightweight and there are many color choices. Many other 'Footless' tights are really leggings and too heavy.
By Online Shopper on 5/3/2021
U have a very unique website that does not discriminate and full of beautiful colors I always get asked “ where did you get your tights from” and as always it’s WELOVECOLORS I appreciate you website Please keep the good quality and inspiring colors coming Sincerely forever your customer
By Maryellen on 5/3/2021
I'm really sad you discontinued the plus size stockings, I was looking forward to purchasing some.more of those, but the color selection for everything that you have here is unrivalled. My friend is going to LOVE these
By Pepper on 5/3/2021
I am a man that loves to wear tights and pantyhose. It is hard to find plus sizes in fun colors. Great job!
By Tom on 5/2/2021
This survey is the worst part
By Bleh on 5/2/2021
Excellent selection of colours and great fit. I will be making more purchases
By Gweneira on 4/30/2021
Lots of variety of colours and style options
By Gee on 4/29/2021
I have been looking for colored pantyhose and your company is the only one I found!!
By Millie on 4/23/2021
yeah its a cute website im excited for my shit to come in the mail. hopefully it fits :)
By bunny on 4/22/2021
I am excited to try the products for the first time.
By Dani on 4/14/2021
I love all the colors!
By Lucy on 4/14/2021
They have great color tights selection and at a great price.
By Riña on 4/14/2021
I absolutely adore the selection from We Love Colors! They have everything!
By uwuzii on 4/13/2021
I’m so excited to flare up my outfits with these lilac tights and patterned gloves. I think you would really love these products. The website is super easy to navigate and visually satisfying. The perfect place to find body suits, funky fishnets and durable, colorful thigh highs.
By Tauri on 4/13/2021
Always the best colors, always the best tights. I will continue to come back to We Love Colors to help refresh my wardrobe with excellent pops of color!
By Clover on 4/12/2021
I have looked for colors in tights for some time. Today while looking and not finding anything but black, the sales person said I should try going online. I am very happy about finding your colors and will definitely order again.
By Jane on 4/12/2021