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Bought some leggings for a skin tight costume. They are perfect. Would recommend
By Scarletknight17 on 6/6/2020
I just needed a leotard. I haven’t received it yet, for fingers crossed it fits and is opaque. Also, pastel thigh highs are hard to find since Mimi Holiday went under.
By Leotard! on 6/5/2020
sexy tights
By Online Shopper on 6/5/2020
Needs more plus size options.
By Sky on 6/4/2020
I am an artist. What I am using them for is that they have seams that are hidden and come in a lot of colors. They are perfect for my artwork. If they work out, i will be buying much more. So any coupons or sales would be much appreciated.
By Steel Bender on 6/4/2020
These tights are fantastic I bought some from the company back in 2012 and they are just now needing to be retired
By CosplayKoko on 6/4/2020
I love the colors and the inclusive sizes.
By Aurora on 6/4/2020
I love this site to buy my nylon socks! The socks are so beautiful! The nylon luxurious!
By Nylon Bobby sock Girl on 6/4/2020
Since I have not received the purchase from you I cannot give an honest oppinion.
By LAMP on 6/3/2020
I heard about this company when I started cosplaying Critical Role characters, but was extremely excited to see how much variety there was. I've often wanted stripped sock combinations, such as gold and white, and could never find the anywhere! Now I know We Love Colors will always be my first stop for all my thighhigh and cosplay needs!
By Kayn on 6/2/2020
The fabric is thick and durable, but the sizes are misleading. My first set didn't fit at all.
By Kbird on 6/2/2020
As always, the color selection is fantastic. I really wish there were more views of the products, though, so that you can see where seams are placed, since I'm working on a cosplay character with a lot of visible skin. Also, it would be amazing if WLC offered full coverage nylon body stockings!
By KrisJade on 6/1/2020
Absolutely in love with the color selection! The color matching chart with Mehron paints is truly a life saver here, it really helps bring cosplay to life!
By renri305 on 6/1/2020
I just really like the simplicity and variety of this site. Great for body paint cosplays
By Lua on 5/31/2020
Great color selection. The only place I've ever seen all these fantastic shades to choose from!
By Amazing! on 5/31/2020
These are exactly what I needed in order to complete my cosplay without painting my entire body blue. I've always had my eye on We Love Color, it was just about finding the time to order. I'm so excited to finish this costume!
By Mason on 5/29/2020
I loved the process of ordering. It was really nice and easy.
By Miranda on 5/28/2020
The process to buy was quick and effective. I didn't take me more than 5 mins. to complete the order.
By Satisfied Client on 5/28/2020
Nice stuff. Easy purchase.
By Tg on 5/28/2020
This has been my go-to store for tights since I was 15, and I'm 21 now! I love the variety of colors and sizes, and the customer service is incredible. I can't recommend it enough to others.
By chloe on 5/27/2020