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The website was very easy to navigate
By Kay on 5/16/2021
I've been looking for some really unique tights and found them here. Got the mystery box. Really excited to see how it turns out.
By Coffepoet on 5/15/2021
Good is the color selection and bad is always the cost ha and recommended
By Tloops on 5/15/2021
Need to put more stretch Other than that I love my footless tights
By Maryellen on 5/15/2021
Great selection and good quality tights .The website was slow
By Working hard on 5/15/2021
The footless tights are a good product, easy to wear and the range of color choices is great. This is the on product I buy from them. A good deal and fun.
By Luzclara on 5/15/2021
I have known about this site for over a decade now and have bought my tights from here when I am in need. I love that you have plus size and the selection of colors is awesome. I have told several people over the years about this site and will continue too.
By Lolly on 5/15/2021
I love the color selection of items. However I wish the size chart was clearer on the website. I also found it difficult to navigate the mobile website to find different clothing options. I'm waiting to review the items when they get here. Hopefully it's works.
By Koko on 5/14/2021
I needed some footless tights to go under some very short overalls. I was skeptical I would find my size and color so I googled my need and your site came up. I’m impressed with the sizes and colors. Now I’m waiting to see if the products are good.
By Michelle on 5/14/2021
It was a really good experience but they it seems like every color I needed was just too dark or light for what they had. I couldnt blame them though because they had a huge selection and I had a very niche need.
By Rea on 5/12/2021
Not sure if they are going to stretch enough
By Alan on 5/12/2021
you should check out this website they have funky colors in footless tights
By GJWhitney on 5/11/2021
Love the product! The website was very glitchy this time around.
By OH on 5/11/2021
I love that I love colors has all sorts of different clothing products. I like the kind of material they are made from. They're very comfortable to wear. I've been getting the knee highs in colors to try to match to my slacks. Because of the wide range of products and colors, and made from materials not likely to run, I would highly recommend I love colors.
By Teribu on 5/10/2021
I’ve always struggled with buying affordable tights that fit me since I’m a larger person but these are so comfortable and come in a lot of sizes. There’s so many colors to choose from it’s really exciting because I can color coordinate my tights with my outfits I’m not stuck with only black or skin toned tights
By TyLynn on 5/9/2021
great colors to choose from ease of website is a plus
By miss_kay666 on 5/8/2021
By Nikki on 5/8/2021
There was a ton of colors to choose from. They also have helpfull information for cosplayers which is awesome, links to other places to help match the makeup to your charaters :) They are a bit on the pricey side though but recommended by alot of online cosplayers. Im excited to see what i get.
By Xriso on 5/8/2021
You guys have tights that seem like they are going to fit. I love the color pink and you have that as well. It’s awesome.
By Flowerheadwoman on 5/7/2021
I looked many places for colored hose for kids but did not find any until I came upon your site. Wow, such a selection, I was overjoyed! I will be buying many more products from your company. Thank you.
By Millie on 5/6/2021