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I looked a great variety of product that I love colors has. I like the quality of the product. It is as described. They have a good business sense. I am always satisfied with their products. I highly recommend them to anyone!
By Teribu on 5/23/2021
Fantastic choice of colours and fits great
By Gweneira on 5/22/2021
If you wear tights regularly, We Love Colors has the best selection of colors and styles available. They also have the best quality products that I can find; they last so long retain their integrity.
By WoeMannequin on 5/22/2021
I recently bought some tights for an upcoming cosplay, and these tights are such amazing quality that I had to buy more. They’re extremely durable, opaque, and very soft. I’m super happy with my purchases, and would recommend We Love Colors to anyone that needs tights, arm socks, and everything else!
By Maggie on 5/22/2021
It was all great except checkout, which just didn’t want to accept my new address for billing address, and bounced me out of the cart to start over twice. Ugh. Good thing I live the products!
By Tialin on 5/21/2021
Great products! Well made tights! Great colors!
By B.W. on 5/21/2021
There is a page that matches machron body paint to their colors and then you can shop by color
By Jess on 5/21/2021
The quality is really nice. The variety of colors makes it the one stop shop for cosplay tights and burlesque tights. The website is also super easy to use on mobile!
By Bxtch fairy on 5/21/2021
This company has a wide variety of coloured stocking options. And the stockings also don't have the annoying shorts around the butt
By Gee on 5/21/2021
Ordering was easy and my tights are very sexy
By Tom on 5/20/2021
It's my first order so I can't honestly say good or bad . I do appreciate the color and size selection. 😊
By Moose42 on 5/20/2021
They had the perfect pink tights! The shade was perfect the fit is awesome. I will buy more.
By Flowerheadwoman on 5/20/2021
I purchased the plus size tights as I have for some years now The colours and fit are great and I have been asked frequently in plus size stores where I bought them
By SueGee on 5/20/2021
I wanted to find an alternative to body painting for my cosplay. Painting is a lot of work! Love that they provided a guide to match paint colors as well. They look great and I'm excited to be able to debut my first cosplay at a con when they open up again!
By Daniyogani on 5/19/2021
These are the only fishnets I will ever purchase for roller derby. They are flexible enough that they are comfortable, and tough enough that they can handle a beating from the opposing team
By EvelKniEva on 5/19/2021
Love the material used to make the bodysuit
By miss_kay666 on 5/19/2021
Exceptionally fast delivery, dynamic colours (what choice!!) and a range that suits my curvy body and my 7 year old daughter. She is ecstatic that she can wear the same tights as mummy and we can match.
By SarahR on 5/19/2021
With so many colors to choose from it's a one stop shop for all my fishnet needs!
By LinZ on 5/19/2021
I don’t often wear stretchy tight clothing but this stuff is awesome.
By Chandra on 5/18/2021
There are tons of great color options and lots of inclusive sizing!! I definitely need to get every color!
By Micbra on 5/17/2021