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The size and color selection are majestic. The product lasts for years. Even though the website is difficult to navigate, I persisted because your product is worth it.
By LoJo Zest on 4/19/2020
I’m just happy I finally found a place to get fun colors for tights, and not just gray, black and navy!
By Curlygurl on 4/18/2020
Great variety of color, material, and size options. A bit pricy but overall my experience with them is that they are pretty durable and will last longer so it ends up being a worthy investment.
By Jada on 4/18/2020
I am really in awe of all the color choices that they have available. I would like to try this first order and see how good the quality of merchandise is. I would love to have a drawer of tights in an array of colors.
By Dallasgearman on 4/18/2020
hoping to find good fitting comfortable clothing for my needs
By gooch on 4/18/2020
I have two other pairs that I got from Amazon for cosplay and I love them.
By Sapphireluna on 4/17/2020
I used to paint my whole body for cosplay. But I had a friend who needed to cosplay Maleficent for a convention, but didn’t want to deal with body paint other than his face. So I started getting arm socks aka: long gloves, here. They’re great! They let a bit of skin colour poke through which makes them look really natural, and they airbrush well for highlights and tattoos!!!
By Nic on 4/17/2020
Quality of product, fabric, amazing choice of colors
By Jean on 4/16/2020
The price is amazing compared to seller on Etsy as well as having options for plus size or males. And there a range of colors is different shades.
By MicaelaDS174 on 4/16/2020
The tights I ordered came in a timely manner, seem to be very good quality as well! My only complaint would be that the item I received is more saturated that the picture on the site so it’s not an exact match to what I need but I can still make it work. I will still come to this site when I need items like these again
By Honey Bunny on 4/16/2020
I love the site layout. Easy to read, easy to order. The colors and selection are GREAT!
By B_hose on 4/16/2020
I ordered too many to cover the expense so I had to return all the items at this time.
By Alex on 4/16/2020
I would suggest them because they have all kinds of colors and really really affordable prices. I’ve seen them all over Instagram and have heard super good stuff about them. It’s really easy to find what you’re looking for as well
By Tilly on 4/16/2020
Cute colors, can’t wait till they get here!! This is the filth website I’ve been on trying to find the right color.
By Doodles on 4/15/2020
Loved how fast it was to check out and the great recommendation from the staff.
By Vintagerafa on 4/15/2020
I was looking for armsocks for my first ever cosplay and found this website that had the perfect color I needed as well as a video tutorial on how to use tights to create armsocks, it was great, and they werent unreasonably priced even with shipping. Pretty great!
By Nessassin on 4/15/2020
I really like how we love colors have an array of different colors and shade and I can find the color I need for any costume.
By Aly on 4/15/2020
Trying to make an account was difficult. Also trying to find information when out of stock items would be back in stock was non existent.
By Online Shopper on 4/15/2020
I'm so sick of buying nylons that run, or come in drab colors; it's so easy to pick some pretty yet neutral colors to pair with a fun outfit; add a blousy shirt and a pair of ripped denim shorts and you're good to go! The store is simple and straight-forward to navigate, and the check out (with multiple shipping and payment options) is fool proof.
By IceQueen on 4/15/2020
There are lots of different color options and designs and when doing cosplay different colors that match the character perfectly are what can really make an outfit perfect and We Love Colors offers the best and more diverse colors out there!
By Possom227 on 4/15/2020