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As a fat person, everytime I shop on plus size stores I barely find any colors, which made me pretty sad as I'm a very colorful person. When I saw an ad for WeLoveColor I was skeptical, but after checking some blogs' reviews on them (by fellow fat people), I took a risk and ordered. The tights are AMAZING! They don't slide off easily (though I wear suspenders with my skirts to make sure everything stay up); the style 1023 is PERFECT for dresses as it goes high and doesn't slide down, they're so comfy I forget I'm wearing them, I have SO MUCH choices of colors that I can just check my wardrobe and get one tight for every little bits of color in my clothes to match! They're also quite resistant as I have long nails and didn't poke holes; I have cats and they haven't ripped anything, and even the ones I wear with suspenders (with metal clips) have perfectly survived the pulling. I only wished there was an option for bigger sizes with shorter legs, as I'm fat but short (5ft2) so I often need to cut off the feet as it pools at the ankle; but otherwise... I am entirely satisfied and it's worth the USD price (I'm Canadian so it's more expensive for me).
By Dmitri on 6/17/2021
I appreciate the range of colors and different lengths of the gloves I needed. I found exactly what I was looking for, though I've notice prices the exact same item I purchased a few years have gone up, which is understandable.
By Anna on 6/17/2021
Nice looking items.
By nelsont on 6/17/2021
I love We Love Colors! They have every color I need for my outfits! Highly recommend.
By j on 6/16/2021
Pretty standard experience, information stated it should be here within the week, so we'll find out how good the products are then.
By Rebelle on 6/16/2021
I was looking for brown colored fishnet hosiery for an upcoming photo shoot. This site took me immediately to what I was looking for. I’m a returning customer so I’m always satisfied with this company and shopping experience.
By AlexMcQueeen on 6/16/2021
I had a great experience, their products are easy to find and there are lots of images of the variety of colors they carry. Additionally if you find you can't find the color sample in the style you want if you check a similar style they will most likely have a photo of the actual color
By Travis on 6/15/2021
Honestly a really nice site with a decent selection of stuff to buy. The pictures of each item looked really good too! It was missing some stuff though, like if you're going to have striped thigh highs you aren't going to include striped arm warmers? Seems like a major missed opportunity. Overall a really nice site though, will probably look into future purchases here!
By Mongoose on 6/14/2021
We Love Colors is such an appropriate name! I am amazed at the number of colors available! Colors that I've never even heard of! And being a plus size girl, I really appreciate that they have plus-size tights too. I'll be ordering from them again!
By CatLoverMD on 6/13/2021
We love colors just saved me when it came time for a cosplay pinch! Thanks guys <3 Bought from you about 7 years ago to make arm socks-- and now you guys sell them premade! Awesome!
By LTM cosplay on 6/13/2021
This is the coolest sock company in existence…I used to buy them a lot when my kids were younger and then forgot about them for a while and I remembered all the wonderful colors, the tights and just generally the high quality of the line of products... so many new and wonderful items
By Blue Phoenix on 6/13/2021
I would recommend We Love Colors, because its a great resource for cosplayers looking to cosplay unique characters! I and a lot of my friends enjoy games such as dungeons and dragons and many of us place characters that have interesting and bright skin tones and this site sells great merchandise that makes it so we do not have to paint our entire body!
By Izzy on 6/12/2021
Love this site.
By Beth on 6/12/2021
I ordered these products from WeLoveColors because they are the only company that makes them. However, my last order the colors were off and did not match and I was basically told "tough shit". I'm very leery ordering from them again but I don't have another option with such a time crunch. I will not be surprised if I get the products and they don't match, and I will not shop here again if that is the case.
By Holly on 6/12/2021
I was frustrated by lack of sizing for the fishnet options,they had all the colors i wanted but didn't go up to my size in the patterns I wanted
By Serene on 6/11/2021
I needed a colored fishnet top and was afraid it wouldn't fit. I contacted them through email and they got back to me very quickly and were super sweet. I assured me it would fit. I'm super excited. My outfit is going to be soooo cute for pride ♡
By Sumliminalspacebunny on 6/11/2021
Love it! Great for cosplay!
By Salem on 6/10/2021
all right, have not recieved product et
By alex on 6/10/2021
I was super suprised at all the color options. Normally I can only find black or brown tights, and I was so happy to be able to find purple ones.
By Chrysanthemumbee on 6/10/2021
I wear leggings more often than traditional pants, and I always wear them to the gym and Pilates class. We Love Colors offers the best for the buck and the best color assortment of any such vendor, and I would (and do) recommend them to anyone.
By Steve61220 on 6/9/2021