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I think the availability of getting different items like arm socks, leggings, and fabric directly from one place is incredibly useful and easy, especially since it helps with color matching. However, I have noticed that the fabric colors on the website page aren't always totally accurate. Of course this could be because of monitors, but I wish that there were more photos of the fabric/item in person, instead of just color swatches. I bought a couple fabrics for a Pokemon gijinka cosplay, but found the charcoal isn't really dark gray at all, but much closer to a black. Yet, I couldn't find any colors that were closer to what I had wanted. Same with Maize, I expected it to be a warm cream, but instead was more neon yellow in hue than I had thought. Even still, they are close enough, and I hope that I can use them, but it would have saved me some trouble if I had known what the true color of these fabrics would be.
By Abigail on 5/31/2019
I am a costumer for a local community theatre. I use we love colors anytime I need socks or hosiery. It is thick and durable. You have so many colors and i know your products will last most of the run of a show. My cast members love your products and so do I.
By Oz5mel on 5/31/2019
I've always wanted to buy from WLC as a Miami cosplayer. I hear such good things about their tights, so I'm excited to try them for my next cosplay. I would like to buy some of their colored arm socks if I'm happy with this purchase. I wish they would offer more first time buyer coupon codes!
By AliceArtemis on 5/26/2019
I love the huge variety of quality products that We Love Colors provides. As a cosplayer, I was originally planning to modify tights into arm socks as an alternative to body paint (I would recommend WLC for that alone), but then I saw that you released your long seamless gloves! That would save me a lot of time and they look great, but I was concerned about whether or not they would stay up and in place. After asking a few cosplayers on Instagram what they thought of their own long seamless gloves (some were sponsored by you, some purchased them independently), I decided to buy them! All those cosplayers said the gloves stayed up perfectly, so I hope I have the same experience. The one issue I have with WLC is the website design. At least on the pages I navigated to, the design looks very dated, simple to a fault, and lacking in product images. For those reasons, it’s not very approachable or pleasing to look at. Also, I wish when I was selecting different colors on the long seamless gloves that the product photo would change to display the color I was looking at.
By Ace on 5/26/2019
A friend introduced We Love Colors to me years ago when I was looking for socks to use for a cosplay. I still have those stocks, and they were perfect for my costume, exactly what I was looking for. However, I noticed the mobile website is different from the regular website. On the mobile website, there are pictures of how all the different colors look with the black stripes, but the regular website doesn't have that. It's not a huge problem, but I wish the regular website had all those pictures just like the mobile site.
By Online Shopper on 5/22/2019
Excellent quality and color choices. I have purchased several socks and tights from here and am never disappointed.
By Jazzy Judy on 5/18/2019
Wonderful tights in any color you can think of; that are also really durable. Also fantastic for cosplay/making armsocks! Ships super fast as well.
By Kelly on 5/16/2019
I love that there is a cheaper and easier alternative to cosplayers than painting your arms or commissioning arm socks! Plus it’s seamless so it’ll look so realistic!
By ZeldaDoll on 5/15/2019
This is my first time buying arm socks for a cosplay, but the We Love Colors products came recommended from a friend who had also bought arm socks for a cosplay. The ordering process seemed fairly straightforward, which was nice, as this purchase is a sort of last minute/rushed decision, so that I (hopefully) won't have to use body paint on my hands. I did enjoy that the arm socks come in so many different colors--while I'm am currently unlikely to buy material in colors like green or lilac (as of now--that may change in the future), I'm glad that they're available. In fact, the friend who recommended We Love Colors was looking for arm socks in a particular shade of blue that is now currently available. The one downside to the selection process was that the differences between certain shades of available colors were a little difficult to tell apart in the We Love Colors color guide (I'm speaking here about the white, ivory, and light grey shades). Looking at the comparison to Mehron body paints helped, but I'm not sure if I would have found that comparison chart if my friend hadn't send me a link to that web page. I did eventually select the light grey, so I'm now looking forward to seeing it in person! Thank you for offering this option to cosplayers!
By Online Shopper on 5/10/2019
Nice color selection! One of the items said in stock on the page, and then when I put it in my cart it said it wasn't......which is confusing. But, besides that, its been great! Also, there seems to be 2 websites...maybe I accesed an old version on accident. But! The matte gloves are great and I really am excited to get them because I SUCK at sewing armsocks.
By Jazzy on 5/7/2019
I've been buying from WLC for several years now, because they have probably the best quality when it comes to gloves and socks. The prices and shipping are both very reasonable. The only issue I have is the interface of the site; it's not very mobile friendly, and every time I have to pull out my computer to make an order. Still, overall it's very recommendable.
By Atty on 5/7/2019
The quality of We Love Colors products is amazing. I've gifted socks and tights to friends and they loved the vibrant colors. I have socks and tights from many years ago that still look great. Their customer service is fantastic. I sent photos of my friends and I wearing the tie dyed tights and received some gifts.
By milkman on 5/1/2019
I was looking for cute sheer socks for summer to go with a bunch of new shoes. These are exactly what I was looking for. I first tried Etsy but remembered I had gotten some great tights from we love colors.
By Online Shopper on 4/29/2019
I really like the selection of colors and patterns. The color guide is super helpful and it is totally the thing I’m toning to need to set my costume off. No more hours putting on body paint or poor shaped ‘arm socks’.
By Alley Catastrophy on 4/26/2019
Well, I’ve been meaning to purchase from awe Love Colors for a while because some of my favorite cosplayers use these tights to make arm socks! Which is like super neat, and since you have a wide selection of plus sized tight, it was a no brainer! I’m glad at least some place makes plus sized friendly tights!
By Frankie on 4/26/2019
We Love Colors still sells the same amazing range of tights as they did 10 years ago! I came back to finally get another pair of microfiber yellow tights and stocked up on other bright colors I can't get anywhere else. I even got a pair microfiber socks so I can wear some extra color in summer! I do wish they had photo samples of all the tights as they look in person but I made educated guesses based off of photos on their three different social media accounts.
By Alex on 4/22/2019
I order socks for my baton twirlers performances every year for the past 7 years. I've never had a bad experience. Everything is easy to order and quickly shipped.
By SS on 4/15/2019
I was introduced to We Love Colors through watching various cosplay videos on YouTube, especially MangoSirene and Ginny Di. I've used them before to cosplay Raven from Teen Titans and absolutely loved the results. The color was perfect, the tights were thick and sturdy, and it kept me from having to put body paint on my legs. I got two blue pairs of We Love Colors tights for a Critical Role Jester cosplay and plan to turn one pair into arm socks. I have recommended these to all my other friends who have been wanting to cosplay characters with unusual skin tones, and they've loved the results just as much as I did. The access to so many reviews of the products, their quality, the huge variety of colors, and the speed of shipment have made me decide to never buy tights for cosplay from anyone else.
By hannanabat on 4/15/2019
I will be using the tights for arm socks and I could not be more excited!
By Kristen on 4/11/2019
I love to order colorful socks and pantyhose from this site, the product comes quicky and the quality is always great. nothing i have ordered from this site has ever ripped yet and all of it has held up very well. i keep ordering because there are just so many options.
By Madison on 4/10/2019
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