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wanted a pair of neon orange socks, and y0u had them!
By Online Shopper on 8/14/2019
When the armsocks were first released from we love colors, I honestly was so excited. Being able to walk around a convention without worrying so much about body paint is such a relief, and I can't wait to try these on!
By Kyriacosplays on 8/12/2019
I love this company! I don’t know how to sew, but want the finished look arm socks can give instead of body paint. It’s expected to deliver fast and will help bring the look of my cosplay to the next level. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to bring their cosplays to the next level.
By Evan on 8/10/2019
I would definitely recommend We love colors products to my fellow cosplayer friends who are lookin for those perfect tights to make arm socks with. We love color products colors go so well with a variety of face/body paint colors as well so they’re quite convenient.
By Dee on 8/8/2019
Me and my friend used we love colors tights to make armsocks for our up coming cosplays the colors were perfect from the matching guide on their website
By Mac on 8/6/2019
The products here make it so much easier to cosplay characters with different colored skin (pink, blue, purple, etc) without having to go through the hassle of body paint on your arms/legs. I've gotten my tights/arm socks here before for a Widowmaker from Overwatch cosplay a few years back and am returning for Persephone from Lore Olympus
By Em on 8/5/2019
I was snagging these socks for fjord from critical role cause I was tired of paint up my arms every time. I'm going to try and change the colors on them via washing but the material is always amazing.
By Lascoose on 8/2/2019
I've heard a lot of good stuff about We Love Colors, so I decided to give them a shot! I was a little reluctant to buy the matte seamless arm socks instead of the regular ones because they were pretty pricey, but I really want my cosplay to be polished. The price makes me a little reluctant to buy any more than this, though, or too often. They have a million different colors, though, and it's really cool to look at the examples of their products through their ambassadors and contests and such. If this cosplay and this purchase works out well I might enter one myself sometime.
By V on 8/1/2019
I was looking for plus size orange knee highs and I found them on We Love Colors. The price was good! Even with shipping, it was cheaper than some I had bought from amazon that didn't fit. We Love Colors is my go to for brightly colored plus size tights and socks, so I should have looked there first!
By stephanie on 7/31/2019
I’d heard that people made arm socks using We Love Colors tights because of their color options, opacity, and quality, so I decided to try making my own. I saw they started making long glove versions specifically for cosplayers and I was so excited to be able to save time before my con. They had a good color for me and their shipping is fast too!
By Uptown on 7/30/2019
I constantly see my friends use We Love Colors! Some of my closest friends are always using them for armsocks. Once I used a brand from amazon and the quality was so low quality to my friends arm socks. The ones I used had an odd odor coming off of them and I had to throw them away with one use due to this. We love colors constantly save cosplayers from having those issues and offers a wide color variety so you’re sure to find something you want.
By Andy on 7/26/2019
Super easy to find, large range of colors. Would definitely recommend for fellow cosplayers. Only bad thing is that the arm socks don't extend up to the shoulder.
By San on 7/19/2019
So as a Homestuck cosplay we We Love Colors is a must for arm socks and tights. Over time they have added more and more products useful for cosplayers and I'm so glad they are making the products that so many cosplayers are looking for.
By Bob on 7/18/2019
I guess I just like to suffer more then the average person when it comes to cosplay, so I am constantly doing characters that require me to have some crazy skin color like blue, purple, or grey and to save some of my sanity, welovecolors comes in clutch with enough shades of every color and in many different types of product to save me from painting the entirety of my body. Their new seamless gloves are about to be my biggest friend (bc sewing armsocks out of their tights was a pain - I suck at sewing) so the extra $ is worth not having the hassle of DIY. I've always recommended this site to anyone needing tights/gloves/ etc for any reason. You can't beat their selection and pricing.
By Chels on 7/16/2019
Quick, Simple and Helpful! I love using this website and finding how many more options there are for socks! As a cosplayer, all of the variety is important to make work easier. I wouldn’t get materials from anywhere else!!
By Venus on 7/11/2019
I bought the we love color tights in sky blue. I'm making a cosplay for Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe. Aftee struggling with a medium/large, I decided to go with the XL for my attempt at making full upper body arm socks. So here's hopinh it works :)
By Baybair on 7/10/2019
As a cosplayer, the color variety is great and even when I didn't buy the arm socks I'm so happy to get other items needed for cosplay. The shipping told me when it would arrive and it was a quick checkout. I will definitely come back to buy arm socks from them.
By Fei on 7/9/2019
Very useful!! I use this website for cosplay and I don't think I'd ever buy tights/arm socks anywhere else! Thank you for being so useful!
By Ari on 7/4/2019
I don't have to make arm socks anymore!!! They sell them!!
By devon on 6/7/2019
We love colors offers a treasure trove of statement colors. I love coordinating my look from head to toe so the gorgeous hues of your socks complete my outfits. Hooray for your treasured tints!
By Online Shopper on 6/2/2019
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