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Used site because it had reliability of getting a good selection of colors in tights. Kinda pricey in comparison to everyone else's $7 tights, but when you keep in my the money saved on possibly having to order seperately from several stores, im sure it all equals out. I originally had 3 tights and was looking for some frilly socks... I ended up only getting one pair of tights in the end because the lack of selection in socks really brought me back to reality and made me realize i didnt need all of it.. especailly if it wasnt what i wanted no matter the convience. in short, i wish the company could add a variety of socks.
By Mom on 1/18/2020
I cosplay. And as a cosplayer I have characters where I don’t want to paint my ENTIRE BODY for the outfit. These tights and arm socks offer an extremely easy way to change your skin color with very minimal effort. I was a little bummed that the arm socks that I need for my current cosplay are out of stock in the size I need, but I’ll keep checking back over the next few weeks for sure! Regardless of availability, the arm socks seem extremely easy to sew a snap into to attach them to an outfit to keep them up. I also am excited about the tights, because it’ll make it really easy to sew or snap boot covers to them to keep it up! I LOVE we love colors and their options! 100% recommend.
By LunaArianrhod on 1/18/2020
I was hoping to find arm socks and matching tights for a cosplay but know now I’ll just have to make the arm sock which is nerve wracking. I would of loved if you had some to choose from but either way I’m excited to see the quality of your tights knowing a lot of cosplayers buy from you. Price was okay but did seem alittle expensive for me but hopefully I get what I paid for and don’t ruin an expensive pair trying to make something else.
By Alex on 1/12/2020
WeLoveColors is fantastic for armsocks, funky colored tights, and anything you could possibly need for cosplaying a character with an un-natural skin color.
By Vincent on 1/12/2020
I've been looking for navy socks for a while now. I'm really impressed by the color range as well as product variety. Site was easy to navigate and purchase. Can't wait for my items to arrive~ Def would order again in future :D
By Cho on 1/5/2020
We love colors is my go-to place to find tights, socks, arm socks, and bodysuits for cosplay. The colors are absolutely beautiful and the product lasts a long time. I have bought socks from them for one of my cosplays and it was the exact color and size I ordered and I was happy with my purchase.
By Ty on 12/31/2019
I love we love colors range of colors! theyre really good for cosplay and making armsocks.
By Warren on 12/16/2019
What can say? I love colors too. And I love nylon socks, the ankle socks particularly. And my very new favorite thing is having a drawer-full of sheer anklets, they are perfect for adding a pop of color. Also, the anklets come in a sweet little envelope, which makes them the cutest little gifts when you need a bunch of something. I am adding one to a holiday card this year for all the ladies in the office.
By LindaLovesSocks on 12/12/2019
The socks come in all colors, and the fabric they use is exactly what I like my socks to be made from. The nylon socks are just right, not too thick and not too thin. They go nicely in all sorts of footwear from boots to loafer to slides. I just discovered the sheer anklets-they go perfectly with all kinds of new styles of shoes and I love the pop of color they bring to my outfits. And the price is nice!
By LindaLovesSocks on 12/1/2019
The armsocks are great for cosplay, and there is a large variety of colors. Ironically, there wasn't the correct color I was looking for (rainbow quartz cosplay, a sort of lilac/lavendar mixed with purple) but I ordered a pink color and will blend makeup into it.
By Anne on 11/30/2019
I love that instructions to Mehron colors are included, as well as how to make armsocks. The only problem is guessing which size legging to make the armsocks with.
By Azzie on 11/30/2019
I’ve heard great things about We love colors. I ended up buying a good few of my tights from here. I’m terrified of trying to sew arm socks, so this is a great purchase! These tights have been my favorite to use for cosplays
By Mo on 11/29/2019
If you need a specific color for tights or for making arm socks, I'd recommend We Love Colors, especially since they are Florida based!
By Moira on 11/23/2019
I wish there was a more descriptive size guide... inseam size. And for the socks it’d be nice to know the lengths, I know it says ankle or knee I’d just like to know in inches.
By DM on 11/21/2019
This is my second purchase of footless tights from We Love Colors. The fabric is very good quality - sturdy, doesn't sag by the end of the day, and truly opaque. The colors are uniform, rich, and true. I only wish for even more colors - like a really super-dark espresso, and deep raisin. I wear these mostly with boots & prefer the footless so I can wear boot socks, but I might try the regular footed tights when I need to replace my current stock of tights to wear with regular shoes.
By Online Shopper on 11/13/2019
They have a lot more options than a lot of other places, and I never have to worry about things being shiny or in poor condition. I wish they had a little more color options for between some of their shades, but they're still a really good place to start looking for something. Definitely my favorite place to get base tights for armsocks at the very least. Not to mention most of their stock is pretty affordable.
By Masquerace on 11/11/2019
I bought gloves in this same color and love them. So I needed socks too!
By Zeke on 11/7/2019
"We Love Colors" site is pretty good place to find the color, style, and type of tights and socks that you would like to get. The styles aren't overly complex, but it's a super good base for all of your outfits. The cloth quality is pretty high up there, many of the styles using lycra, so its a good stretch that'll last quite a bit (lycra is some of the stuff that high quality swim suits use).
By That Dancing Cat on 11/6/2019
I wanted to order some new legwear so I went on the website and browsed in the colors. Didn't think I saw a good tan color in knee highs, but did order some other colors. I like wearing them when I need something thinner than socks.
By Online Shopper on 11/6/2019
So I needed Neon Green fabric to match the tights I previously bought. I was able to easily find the color I needed, added it to my cart and had it ordered all under 5 minutes. I really appreciate the range of colors We Love Colors offers, I do need to check the fabric when it gets here. I splurged and bought premade arm socks in Neon Green last month and they came out too green and they did not match the tights I previously ordered. Otherwise I have not had any issues.
By Moana on 11/4/2019
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