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They have a lot more options than a lot of other places, and I never have to worry about things being shiny or in poor condition. I wish they had a little more color options for between some of their shades, but they're still a really good place to start looking for something. Definitely my favorite place to get base tights for armsocks at the very least. Not to mention most of their stock is pretty affordable.
By Masquerace on 11/11/2019
I bought gloves in this same color and love them. So I needed socks too!
By Zeke on 11/7/2019
"We Love Colors" site is pretty good place to find the color, style, and type of tights and socks that you would like to get. The styles aren't overly complex, but it's a super good base for all of your outfits. The cloth quality is pretty high up there, many of the styles using lycra, so its a good stretch that'll last quite a bit (lycra is some of the stuff that high quality swim suits use).
By That Dancing Cat on 11/6/2019
I wanted to order some new legwear so I went on the website and browsed in the colors. Didn't think I saw a good tan color in knee highs, but did order some other colors. I like wearing them when I need something thinner than socks.
By Online Shopper on 11/6/2019
So I needed Neon Green fabric to match the tights I previously bought. I was able to easily find the color I needed, added it to my cart and had it ordered all under 5 minutes. I really appreciate the range of colors We Love Colors offers, I do need to check the fabric when it gets here. I splurged and bought premade arm socks in Neon Green last month and they came out too green and they did not match the tights I previously ordered. Otherwise I have not had any issues.
By Moana on 11/4/2019
The last time I ordered from WLC was back in 2013/2014 and I used their tights to make armsocks myself. I am thrilled that the company realized the benefit of this market to cosplayers and have added the resources necessary.
By Kate on 10/30/2019
I wasn't able to purchase the arm socks that I wanted, I apparently waited too long, and I need them before the date they would arrive by, but I'll likely be coming back for them. They simply aren't available in the color I need to ship now. However, the matching stockings are available right now, and that's what I went ahead and ordered. I also appreciate that the website gives you a way to color match body make up to their products. They've clearly done plenty of research to find out exactly how to match their colors, and I couldn't appreciate it more. I do wish that they would partner with Mehron somehow, and make them make up available through their website as well! Make everything a full package deal.
By Torihime on 10/28/2019
I go the WLC for the colors - gloves and tights and socks especially for my children's theater.
By CFPAloveskids on 10/26/2019
Buying from WeLoveColors is simple and fun! The site is so colorful and easy to traverse through! You can easily find the colors you need in the right sizes. The colors of the tights are so vibrant as well. They are perfect tights for cosplay and dance! I usually get them for cosplay purposes to make them into "arm socks." The prices are reasonable and the shipping is usually fast. Love these tights and this online store!
By Garnet on 10/24/2019
I previously bought tights in order to make my own arm socks for a cosplay and they turned out great! Now I'm excited to also try out their gloves because I'm hoping they will fit my wrist better.
By Jessie on 10/23/2019
hey there's this place that sells socks in every possible color, isn't that wild?
By Billiam on 10/20/2019
I found We Love Colors tagged in a random Instagram post that I couldn't have seen at a better time. I had been looking everywhere for a pair of white knee-high socks that aren't labelled as compression or tubed. With Halloween coming up, I was freaking out that I wouldn't be able to find a good pair that would actually fit. Their site is super easy to access and find exactly what you're looking for. The prices are actually affordable and the shipping is a realistic cost.
By megtka on 10/18/2019
We Love Colors has some really good products and an amazing variety of colours. It's the go-to place for socks and gloves. Their products are super comfy too. I always shop here for my cosplay accessories!
By Emirin.Cos on 10/17/2019
I’m stoked WeLoveColors is manufacturing arm socks. Since fans started using their tights to make them around ten years ago (as far as I know), it seemed like a natural next step for the company. I’be heard good things and I’m ready for my first pair!
By Jade on 10/17/2019
My friend and I are cosplaying a character that needs thigh high socks and both of us have big thighs so I was very happy to see that they, even though only temporarily, have plus-sized thigh high stockings.
By Courtie on 10/16/2019
Needed simple white knee high socks for a cosplay and had a great experience ordering the elbow length gloves last year so I chose We Love Colors for this purchase based off past positive experiences with the products and company as well as the very reasonable prices and fast shipping times.
By FlargleSnarfMuffin on 10/15/2019
I felt the opaque tights quality wasn't the best. I am trying the fishnets. Hoping they will be nice. If I like them I will buy more because i love fishnets. By the way please offer thigh high fishnet options in plus size. Keep in mind not everyone who cannot fit into regular is obese. I am tall and very shapely not fat just medium sized therefore I cannot buy the regular. Regular fishnets are like over the knee socks. Please offer more plus sized stockings and glitter fishnets etc.
By Mikki on 10/13/2019
I was curious about the microfiber socks, I just wish there were pics and reviews
By J on 10/10/2019
They have reliable knee socks. Some vertical ribbed socks (that stay up) would be cool.
By bing bong on 9/20/2019
First time ordering, and so far so good! I’m very impressed with the range of colors and styles available... it’s huge! Now I just need to wait for my package to arrive to make sure the colors match my costume. Very excited to try the arm socks!
By Mel on 9/17/2019
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