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The fit is really inconsistent. The red paid is huge, baggy, too long, they don’t hug & they slouch down. The stripes don’t fit the thighs but the butt & belly are huge, the black are the same as the red but they are just too long. I wish the sizes were more consisten & the materials were more elastic so they hugged my body. I end up having to wear an additional pair of underwear over them to keep them up. I love in Los Angeles & it’s too hot to have that additional layer. I guess I just wish they were actual plus size instead of long & wide... the thighs & elasticity has been an issue o the past which is why i purchased a larger size this time. I’m pregnant & going through body dismorphia & nothing looks good on me... i just wanted something cute that makes me feel more like me during these changes...
By Poni on 9/7/2019
I am a bit gun-shy after getting a pair of tights from the store. I was completely inside of the recommended range but I could barely get them over my thighs and not all the way up. Since We Love Colors has a very wide range of sizes (rather than one size and queen) I am hopeful that my tights will fit. It would have been nice if the sizing included waist, hips, and thigh ranges or maximums for people like me who have different body types. I'm an hour glass type and a size 14/16 but because of my hips/thighs I need to be in plus sizes otherwise the tights won't fit.
By Online Shopper on 8/25/2019
Main downside is lack of plus size thigh highs! While, thankful that you show it is possible to turn tights into thigh highs for us bigger folx, it's very disheartening that those are such a huge market product that the convenience is not there for us. On the upside, everything else! Colour choice is amazing, and that fact that you offer the same colours in gloves, tights, etc is pretty great! Sizing charts for leg wear is a little weird. I wish you had max stretch sizing for tights and thigh highs like how you have for the gloves as I personally can never trust sizing charts due to my drastic proportions.
By Siren on 8/14/2019
I was looking for plus size orange knee highs and I found them on We Love Colors. The price was good! Even with shipping, it was cheaper than some I had bought from amazon that didn't fit. We Love Colors is my go to for brightly colored plus size tights and socks, so I should have looked there first!
By stephanie on 7/31/2019
I am 5'11" and all my height is in my legs. It's hard to find knee highs that reach my knee. You only sell sheers in one size fits all but one size fits some.
By Deedee on 6/9/2019
It was my first time ordering for We Love Colors. I had always been recommended to try them. Check out was smooth and it's just waiting for my product which should be amazing! My only disappointment is lack of plus size thigh highs but that's OK!
By Kita on 5/15/2019
It's fun to shop in all the styles and colors you offer in thigh highs and knee highs.
By montana on 4/14/2019
The variety of products is insane! I couldn't believe all the color options as well as the sizes available. The only downside I've seen so far is that when I was looking at thigh highs there was only one size available that probably wouldn't work for me. But that aside this is a great site and I'll more than likely use it again in the future.
By Nicole on 4/5/2019
I love how easy it was to find the products and how many options I had as far as colors, I do wish you had the stay put colored fishnet thigh highs in plus size- I would buy 1 in every color!
By BettyBoop on 4/4/2019
excellent selection - fabulous colors to choose from - high quality. Have ordered 3 o4 times I the past. The tights and knee highs hold up.
By Sandy on 4/4/2019
It can be hard to know when ordering online if thigh highs will stay up or fit properly but I am excited to order more if they do fit well! I had ordered tights from your site years ago and just love your color selection.
By Online Shopper on 3/26/2019
The largest size of footless tights are such a bizarre shape that the waist went up to below my boobs and the leg parts would not go further up than the lower thighs. I ordered size EE based on my weight, so they should have fit. I ordered the same tights years ago and they did not have the constricting thigh things. So disappointed and yet don’t want to return them because that requires writing my credit card # and expiration date which is really insecure.
By K on 3/22/2019
I was able to purchase the right kind of knee highs I need for a costume. There were a lot of colors to chose from and the socks are inexpensive, but I know they’re good quality and last a really long time. I still have some from 4 years ago. Because the service is so nice, I was also looking at items I could purchase for future outfits! I would recommend the website for all of these reasons.
By Kyuu on 2/19/2019
Dude, Ive alway loved We Love Colors and had to google the old homestuck armsocks bc i wanted knee highs and knew there was no other place i wanted them from.
By Marissa on 2/8/2019
The site is very easy to navigate and the company shifts very fast! Their thigh highs are my go-to and they fit tall people really well, which I really appreciate since I'm 5'10"! :)
By Tara on 1/31/2019
Every time I have bought from WeLoveColours, its always been a great experience. There's no scouring the website for what I need; everything is in its place and very easy to find. And, they always have what I need! I don't think I've needed a colour they don't have. The thigh highs are comfortable and fairly resilient, and the shoulder gloves are so comfortable (I have long fingers and narrow arms/hands, but they fit flawlessly!).
By SirenSkyeCosplay on 1/7/2019
The tights were cute and well made but have less stretch than other brands on the market. I am within the weight guidelines (and only 5'6") but because of the lack of stretch, I could not pull them all the way and they cut deep into my thighs.
By Sashi on 1/5/2019
I have used this site before and been happy with the product. Except that I go through the toes fairly quickly! So I needed more. I was happy to discover they still had my info on file. It was easy to make my order.
By rene on 12/16/2018
They have a huge selection of various stretch items in a large variety of colors, and it's extremely helpful in putting together parts of cosplay and saves so much sanity! Their thigh highs roll of of bigger thighs tough, so they have to be attached to dance tights ;)
By Cheebes on 11/30/2018
I love the products - but was less than thrilled about the site. The overall look was very antiquated and cumbersome to use. I've been shopping online since 1995 and have experience on all kinds of websites.I've also worked with computers since 1973. Checkout was more complicated than necessary. Since I was checking out with Paypal and my information was already in the system from a previous order, I should not have been required to type in my shipping info but I was! Everything was small and cramped. It was hard to see the colors you were ordering. I think a little cosmetic work on the site would help a lot. A more streamlined checkout. New, larger and clearer fonts. I will definitely be back, because it is impossible to find knee highs in anything but black, blue, beige and maybe gray. I don't know what I'd do without you guys!
By T'lia on 11/25/2018
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