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I have relied on WLC for several years for cosplay and general fashion in terms of socks or armsleeves! I am sure of the quality so I never shop anywhere else, and I wouldn't need to since nearly every color you could need is available! If not, there is always something that is at least close enough and the general quality of the item makes it worth more than an item with a precise color, especially at the amazing price points. Shipping is always extremely fast and I have never had a problem with it! Overall one of my favorite companies to go to to this day!
By Mackenzie on 9/8/2019
I ordered a pair of arm socks earlier this summer for a cosplay and liked them a lot, so I took a plunge and ordered another pair for a different costume even though the light grey color has looked too light online (I wish yall had something like Arda Wig's flickr account, real life examples of the colors in the wild)
By Chelsea on 9/6/2019
Welovecolors is the only site I buy my tights from for cosplay. They have the colors, sizes, and seamless features for making armsocks. I've made armsocks in the past, and this is my second set I plan to make!
By Slvnacosplays on 9/6/2019
great selection of colour for armsocks but didn't have any shipping time estimates so i had no clue how long my item would take to arrive and i needed it for an event in less than a month
By A on 9/2/2019
I know the seamless gloves are pricy but they're pricy for a reason - it's that or sew your own armsocks (which will have seams) (which will rip apart). I'm looking forward to NOT having to do that. Plus, they had way more items than I expected.
By Aldi on 8/29/2019
So happy to find socks that I hope will match Granddaughter's "Dorothy" dress. First website that even came close to what I was looking for!
By Marsha on 8/29/2019
I've had many people recommend We Love Colors arm socks and gloves as an alternative to body paint, so I decided to check it out and buy some for my cosplay. Finding the gloves was easy. I wasn't entirely sure how accurate the colors displayed on the item page were, so I had to look up other people who used them in the colors I was looking at to figure out exactly what color I needed. I figured it out and I feel confident in my purchase.
By Online Shopper on 8/28/2019
Was looking for solid color socks for my granddaughter.
By Online Shopper on 8/26/2019
I loved the arm socks! It seems like they’re really taking their audience into consideration with what products they roll out and how user friendly they are.
By jo on 8/26/2019
The color matching guide has been a lifesaver. The armsocks tutorial will also come in handy. I’m a small business owner and I intend to use We Love Colors for any project that requires it.
By SHCC on 8/23/2019
Well the selection and options are lovely but the sizing is pretty bad. For the arm socks definitely order a lot larger. I used the size chart and I well fit in the size arrangement however they were still quite tight! Which is upsetting because it seems there's no way to reach out to them about that, so be careful about that.
By Cassie on 8/20/2019
I use We Love Colors for cosplay purposes and I love that I can order arm socks and tights that are the same color with guaranteed quality.
By Corrie on 8/20/2019
I always reccomend We Love Colors for Cosplay because they have so many colors and their fabric is simple to work with for armsocks.
By Cosmos Cosplay on 8/20/2019
I got my first WeLoveColors product to make armsocks for my first ever body paint two years ago. I love the opacity of the material. Now that they have seamless gloves, it’s even easier to wear bodypaint looks without transfer and mess. It’s great for cons, shoots, and just general functionality. I am super excited to continue using WeLoveColors to expand my repertoire colorful characters.
By Rosey on 8/15/2019
I ordered red tights. In the pic they looked a bit more pinky so I was hoping they would be true to the pic but they were a bit more red. Not really a negative cause I made them work and really, they were called "red" so I don't know what I expected lol. Anyway's I used them to make arm socks for a cosplay and they worked great. They were nice and opaque and strong. Even though I have kinda long pointy acrylic nails I didn't worry once about them poking through! Overall great.
By Dandelion on 8/14/2019
wanted a pair of neon orange socks, and y0u had them!
By Online Shopper on 8/14/2019
When the armsocks were first released from we love colors, I honestly was so excited. Being able to walk around a convention without worrying so much about body paint is such a relief, and I can't wait to try these on!
By Kyriacosplays on 8/12/2019
I love this company! I don’t know how to sew, but want the finished look arm socks can give instead of body paint. It’s expected to deliver fast and will help bring the look of my cosplay to the next level. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to bring their cosplays to the next level.
By Evan on 8/10/2019
I would definitely recommend We love colors products to my fellow cosplayer friends who are lookin for those perfect tights to make arm socks with. We love color products colors go so well with a variety of face/body paint colors as well so they’re quite convenient.
By Dee on 8/8/2019
Me and my friend used we love colors tights to make armsocks for our up coming cosplays the colors were perfect from the matching guide on their website
By Mac on 8/6/2019
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