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Liked the range of colours! I have been looking for footless tights since my usual UK source is out of stock. I am concerned about how they will cope with the combination of my thighs and some humid summer weather, but hope for the best!

By L on 4/21/2018

Literally this is the onlt site with decent prices for dance wear as well as a good selection of tights for plus size. the only thing i would recommend improving are to get thigh highs in plus sizes.other than that, i would def tell my friend about it. :)

By dollface on 4/9/2018

I've heard good things about WLC's quality of product so I decided to drop a few dollars on some socks and compare to other vendors that I've bought from. I usually get the cheapest possible, so I'm spending a few more dollars than I'm used to, but if these thigh-highs are any thicker than the $2 ones on Wish and don't slip while I'm walking, I'll save and make We Love Colors my recommended vendor!

By Toby on 3/31/2018
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