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I could not find any Lilac colored fishnets or thigh highs in my size, to go with my Lilac Lingerie on line anywhere for Valentines day... I came across your store after Googling Lilac fishnet thigh highs.... In amazement I saw you have the exact color I needed and in either thigh high or stockings, so I bought both, just in case ya Anyway there are so many colors to chose from.... I will be back for more im sure! Thank you!
By Nurse Babe on 2/3/2021
So I recently bought some tights, knee highs and gloves from we love colors. I can only ever find black at the stores and wanted different bright colors. So I finally checked them out! The prices are reasonable if anything exceptional plus I didn't even know they sold gloves! Sweet surprise! I am soo stoked to get my items and rock them!! Yay colors, yay tights, yay We Love Colors!
By Tittysprinkles on 12/18/2020
A little disappointed on the discontinuation of the sheer knee highs. Wish you had the same color assortment in sheer thigh highs. Wife does not prefer opaques.
By The riot on 12/13/2020
I’m so sad the knee highs are discontinuing. Sheer is the wife’s favorite.
By The riot on 11/25/2020
I love all the fun options and the size inclusivity. The colors, the fishnets, the sizes, the knee highs - everything.
By Jen on 11/22/2020
I was looking for thigh highs to wear that wouldn't roll down on my thicker thighs, and I found this website. It's absolutely amazing. It came way earlier than expected and they fit perfectly. The thigh highs are so comfortable it's crazy. I've never ever found a website that really is a "one size fits all" that doesn't roll, isn't too tight, doesn't cost a fortune, and is comfortable. I would definitely buy this again.
By Bella on 10/29/2020
I am currently working a cosplays that involves colored limbs and getting these thigh highs will go perfect with the body color i selected. Best part the complete total was $12!
By Jello on 10/28/2020
Your leggings go up to 8x. Which I had actually thought would be too large but I would rather have extra room and also to make sure they didnt get stretched to see-through. However, the thighs of your 8x are not very large and were very difficult to get my legs into. I think your 8x measurement is based off the stomach part. :/ I wont be wearing the leggings unless I need to wear a shorter dress for my costume. I also recommend larger sizes for the leotards. The 3x barely fits my 3x body. The colors are spot on though and matches my makeup perfectly.
By Kay on 10/19/2020
I'm a little disappointed there aren't more options for taller shoppers, especially in the highs, but the tights will definitely meet my needs.
By Erika on 10/6/2020
Pros: No where else to find some of these colors, easy, cheap shipping, decent prices. LOVE the fishnet tights. Accurate colors. Cons: Fishnet tops are very scratchy, would not buy again. Striped thigh high socks have tight thigh cuff, I have average thighs. Items do not have specific reviews, and site photos frequently do not load while browsing colors on a listing, requiring refresh.
By Savvy on 9/28/2020
A little pricey if you’re needing a full set of items, like thigh highs and arm socks together. But there’s no other place that has the variety and none of the items I have purchased have torn or gotten runs. I try to purchase basic colors on amazon but once I can’t find what I like I usually check this site. I used tights, arm socks, and a bodysuit from the company before and they all matched pretty well. I haven’t noticed sales but Instagram doesn’t like to show me their posts a lot of the time. Plus they occasionally have contests for their products if you want to try a chance at getting some discounts. That’s how I normally recommend this company to friends!
By Meeks on 7/30/2020
I just needed a leotard. I haven’t received it yet, for fingers crossed it fits and is opaque. Also, pastel thigh highs are hard to find since Mimi Holiday went under.
By Leotard! on 6/5/2020
I was looking for XL sized tights and dancewear for a Batgirl cosplay and getting a lot of not-my-size and not-my-color. I asked a FB group of cosplayers, and somebody recommended We Love Colors. Raved, really, so I took a look. Wow. Everything I need, and it will all color match!! I mean, matching violets? Matching yellow gloves to cape fabric? That's a shopping nightmare! I haven't gotten my order yet, but this could be a costume game changer for me. Plus, I grabbed thigh highs to go with some dresses that aren't the easiest colors to match. Here's hoping the merchandise makes me love We Love Colors, too!
By ChrisFixedKitty on 5/19/2020
Ive bought from here back in 2012. 8 years later i found myself on the hunt for an assortment of thigh highs. My searching was fruitless until i remembered this site that had every color and then some. Im looking forward to utilizing my goodies!
By Jem Sabre on 5/16/2020
I'm really happy with how thigh highs are and they arrived much earlier than I thought they would and were packaged with care. I plan to shop here for all my thigh high needs from now on!
By Online Shopper on 2/23/2020
I really like the We Love Colors website because I DO love colors. And it is actually hard to find cool colors in things like socks and knee-highs. I ordered the knee highs before and are very happy with the colors and the quality of the socks. Also, the prices are reasonable.
By RSE on 2/17/2020
Its nice to finally find hosiery products that are available in my size. I would appreciate better options in regards to thigh highs and things other than tights for plus size people. Straight sizes always have more, and plus size folks just have to deal with the scraps we're given.
By Alixanderia on 2/15/2020
I've been recommended this store by several cosplay friends, so after struggling to find scout green thigh highs, I decided to check to see if their were any here, and thankfully their were! They were really easy to find with how organized this site is.
By Online Shopper on 2/12/2020
I have used and loved your products for years. My only disappointment this time is that you no longer have the diamond, checkerboard or animal pattern tights and knee highs.
By Janet on 1/29/2020
Great amount of colors to choose from and various products! The Thigh Highs to have a tendency to roll on people, but sock glue should fix that.
By s on 1/22/2020
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