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Just bought two pairs of fishnets for a festival, super excited to see how they fit! 5’9, 156lbs, hard to say which size will fit better, kinda wish there were more pics of humans wearing them/their heights/weights, but I mean they’re ten bucks and look amazing so I’m thinkin I can’t really go wrong!! wanna get more but have to see which size/style I like best! Soo many fun colors, can’t wait to buy a unitard next🤩
By Kakes on 9/12/2019
I will shop from you again because most of your items are offered in a plus size that fits me, in all the popular colors. I am VERY dissappointed that you do not offer ANY thigh high stockings in plus size, over 160 pounds. I am 240#. That is very body shaming of you to think that plus sized women do not want pretty sexy stockings. Everything else you offer in plus size.. To not offer the stockings is to send a message that plus sized women are not sexual beings, so let's not even offer it. That was one of the two items I was intent on purchasing today. Instead of offering me stockings, you offer me a tutorial on how I can make my own out of tights. If I wanted to make my own clothing, I would not need to shop with you at all. Why don't you hire someone to make the plus sized tights into stockings?! That's your job, not mine. At checkout: I tried to copy and paste my phone number into your forms. Your form would not allow me to do that. Typing it in, allows spyware to capture my keystrokes, so I don't like to type it in. I like to paste it in. Paypal did not offer me the option to log in as guest. I have been to other websites that offer this option. So my only other option was to trust you with my credit card data. I trusted you with my card info only because you have an OK rating with the Better Business Bureau. Otherwise you would not have gotten my card info, and you would not have gotten my purchase. I would have gone elsewhere to protect my card info. For my overall experience, I have to say WELL DONE! Keep up the good work! I love the dark teal gloves and dark teal tights/fishnets. They will go great with my mother-of-the-bride dress.
By --- on 9/11/2019
I have purchased tights and dancewear from We Love Color before and knew they carried fishnet shirts. I was hoping they carried them in the menswear section for length purposes. I was disappointed that was not the case and will have to make do with the one size they carry.
By zaramusette on 9/10/2019
Wore fishnets for the first time. They do a little slipping as you wear. Would like them to cling a little better up at thigh crotch area. Love the color choices. Have yet to wash any of them.
By Annieg on 9/8/2019
I was looking for tights to wear with a Halloween costume that were a unique color. I went into Google assuming I probably wasn't going to find anything because of my size. Normally all of the cool tights are for people smaller than me. That's when I found "We Love Colors". I clicked on their site and immediately found what I was looking for and was super happy. Their color selection is amazing but even above that, I was really impressed with their size range. I think this is the only site I've seen that offers neon fishnet tights to people of all sizes. The checkout process was very smooth and simple. I got my confirmation email within 3 minutes. I can't wait to get my order in the mail and buy more in the future!
By Kim on 9/5/2019
I will see how these fishnet work. This is my first purchase from you. You talk about dyes bleeding. That has me a little worried, but if the fit is good, and colors nice, I will buy again.
By Online Shopper on 8/25/2019
Super fast shipping. Reliable, quality fishnets. and I LOVE the assortment of colors to choose from.
By Lucy on 8/6/2019
I always love your plus size fishnets and wear them almost every day during winter here in Melbourne. I first purchased them while living in the states and am very glad I can still buy them and its not an outrageous amount to have them shipped here!
By MJA on 7/31/2019
The color selection and styles of fishnet available are unmatchable. literally the only place on the internet with navy fencenet
By Miaa on 7/19/2019
I love the fishnet stockings and always receive compliments! I always recommend WeLoveColors if they ask where I got them. The color selection and quality is great!
By loosestockings on 5/23/2019
I wear fishnets to hide leg imperfections that nylon pantyhose don't. Also in the summertime fishnets allow your legs to breathe as nylon pantyhose don't. So this website has many colors to make it fun. also the website is protected easy and quick to navigate.
By Online Shopper on 5/17/2019
I love the fact that I can get all colors of Fishnet Stocking and it is so easy to just order what you want online. I have ordered before and they are great. I just love them and the price is great.
By LEE on 5/15/2019
I love the variety of colors their fishnets come in and they stretch quite a lot; while being more durable than other 'dance' oriented fishnet brands I've tried.
By Leland on 5/5/2019
It was a little tricky to find the fishnets I wanted, since they weren't in with the other plus size stuff, but I found them pretty easily in with the other fishnets. They didn't have them in EXACTLY my size, but since I'm not wearing them until the wedding, I figure I have some time to firm up. The color selection seriously can't be beat, and the prices are amazing. Now I probably wouldn't get these as something you're going to wear a lot, but for a specific outfit or costume, they're perfect. Checkout was super easy and fast, though it might not have been the most secure. They didn't tell me how long it's going to take to get my stuff, but they let me pick Priority, so however fast that is. The shipping prices were good too. I can't wait to get my new tights!
By Ama on 4/21/2019
I would recommend WeLoveColors cause their prices are amazing with amazing quality. They’re also way better than store bought fishnets. They also have a variety of colors that would be hard to find at the store!
By Itzhel on 4/21/2019
I love how easy it was to find the products and how many options I had as far as colors, I do wish you had the stay put colored fishnet thigh highs in plus size- I would buy 1 in every color!
By BettyBoop on 4/4/2019
I need a purplish blue often called periwinkle blue. It is not available so I used purple Rit fabric dye to add more color to medium blue fishnets. It worked!
By Jojo on 3/30/2019
I was looking for plus size fishnet tights and you guys had 51 colors!! Anytime I need to coordinate with an outfit I am coming straight to you guys!!! :) Thank you!
By Breezy on 3/27/2019
I am in a female march/dance group called the pussyfooters and we wear fishnets and tights. The group has 125 women in it and we order a lot of our fishnets from Welovecolor because you can get almost any color needed and also plus sizes.
By Becky on 3/13/2019
We do cosplay and I have been searching all over for green fishnets in childrens sizes. Thank you for having so many choices
By alycat2386 on 3/6/2019
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