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If you want a nice pair of fishnet stockings which are my favorite, these are the best I have purchased several pairs.They are nice and soft they don't stick to your clothing like some I have purchased by other places in the pass, they wash well. They have such great colors.
By Fishnets on 11/27/2020
I bought them to match my girlfriend’s corset which is Kelly green. The pantyhose matched perfectly! She hasn’t worn them yet, but she say she like the feel of them by touch. I will be purchasing more colors in the future...thanks!
By JeffStarr on 10/16/2020
We've always bought tights(pantyhose) from We Love Colors ever since I can remember. The color selection is just great and shipping is inexpensive and always on time. All our friends ask where we get the colors we wear.
By Always Pleased on 10/2/2020
Every color of pantyhose I can imagine, and lots of varieties in each color.
By Judy on 9/22/2020
I recommended a stranger at a bus stop who complimented my tights about the WE LOVE COLORS website. She wanted to know where did I get my tights and how can she find tights in the color that I had on. I told her it was from WE LOVE COLORS. My experience with we love colors are good. But, sometimes my tights are too small for me and some tights fit. I highly recommend making tights that are good for the tummy tuck and have better elastic. I recommend designing different color sheer pantyhose for bosses and employees at an office job.
By Mone on 9/2/2020
Was told by my physician that a nylon spandex pantyhose helps a lot of patient’s restless leg syndrome symptoms. So tried a pair and now I don’t need to take the meds now. The quality, fit and how comfortable this product is A+. I have placed large order for more.
By Art on 5/13/2020
Socks hosiery snd fishnets as far as the eye can see in every color. Its magical.
By Toni on 4/23/2020
Quality products with a variety of options to choose from
By Boo on 2/13/2020
I had a very good experience ordering from 💕We I had a very good experience ordering from We Love colors. I have ordered from them in the past and they have quality products.
By Boo on 1/26/2020
Instead of receiving charcoal mens tights, i received pantyhose instead. I gave away the charcoal pantyhose.
By Online Shopper on 12/30/2019
I was in the market for some new fishnet pantyhose. In a Facebook chat with a friend, I found the link to WeLoveColors that I had sent her previously. Using my phone, I followed the link and quickly found the tights on the size and color I wanted. I checked out with PayPal which was super convenient.
By Janis on 12/28/2019
Loved the ease of my purchase. Was reffered by a friend. Thanks!
By Purple Princess on 11/15/2019
Hey girl I know a great spot where you can get all the color kids fishnet pantyhose
By Online Shopper on 9/14/2019
I just wanted to try the microfiber tights, because ordinary pantyhose are kinda uncomfortable and I have just worn jeans so much lately. Hopefully I can dress up a bit more with a better choice of what to wear between my hemline and my mary-janes.
By Mandy Lou on 8/27/2019
My teenage daughter needed black and turquoise striped stockings to complete her cosplay outfit. I didn't think I'd be able to find anything and was so happy when I discovered your website. I'd recommend this store to anyone who is looking for unusual colors of stockings or pantyhose.
By zombie_mummy on 8/18/2019
I like this site because it has everything from the practical to the wacky and outrageous! It is often hard to find interesting colored pantyhose and they can really make an outfit look interesting. This is the place to come for all those needs without breaking the bank.
By MitziGloria on 8/10/2019
I wear fishnets to hide leg imperfections that nylon pantyhose don't. Also in the summertime fishnets allow your legs to breathe as nylon pantyhose don't. So this website has many colors to make it fun. also the website is protected easy and quick to navigate.
By Online Shopper on 5/17/2019
I love to order colorful socks and pantyhose from this site, the product comes quicky and the quality is always great. nothing i have ordered from this site has ever ripped yet and all of it has held up very well. i keep ordering because there are just so many options.
By Madison on 4/10/2019
Omg so I just got done purchasing the most amazing 10 pairs of pantyhose! The colors are beyond awesome! The site was easy to navigate and they have super simple shipping! Can't wait to get my purchases!!!
By May on 3/22/2019
I luv the colors that are available. I am tall and not skinny and they fit great. I love the footless because I hate pantyhose. I have a bad back and these are so much easier. I got these colors of purple and gold for Mardi Gras parties! ++++
By msspock on 2/28/2019