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We Love Colors has one of the best selections of color options as well as types of tights/ socks / gloves - the best are the seamless shoulder and wrist gloves which are perfect for making arm socks. If they don't have the color I want I go with white and dye the pieces to match. I've also found they have some good resources for suggested colors and color/ makeup matches.
By Lauren on 1/2/2021
I liked the website and the checkout and hopefully will like the tights too! Weirdly hard to find white plus sized tights, lol.
By JJ on 1/2/2021
I have always loved colorful tights but feel they can be difficult to find and aren't always available in a wide range of sizes. I was so excited to find out about We Love Colors! I started with just two pairs of tights but suspect that I will be back for more. The pricing is reasonable, the range of unique colors is unbeatable, and I enjoyed the transparency of the About Us/FAQ section of the website. As a business student and longtime employee (AND patron) of small businesses, I like knowing that I am supporting a small/family-owned business when I purchase from We Love Colors.
By sourgirl on 12/31/2020
I enjoyed the experience (second times). I love to wear tights and you have a lot of colors. It's wow...
By Benji on 12/31/2020
Love the selection of colors and sizes. It’s difficult finding tights in my size that fit well. Even dealing with them on a issue with my account log in was professional and a good experience.
By Golfnut2 on 12/29/2020
I bought a pair of Splash tights years ago for a close friend and she loved them, especially for roller derby. Her experience has inspired me to purchase my own pair.
By Squatch on 12/25/2020
I fluctuate between size 12 and 14 and these tights are wonderful no matter what size I am. They cover my belly and don’t need adjusting throughout the day. I love all of the colors they come in, and I’m slowly growing my collection to include more and more colors to spice up my wardrobe!
By Molly on 12/25/2020
I ordered from We Love Colors because I needed a particular color or legging and tight. I ordered Spruce Green which was shown as a dark grayish green in the sample. I received a realist color instead - a beautiful color but definitely not what I needed and not something I would wear. I ended up giving them to a co-worker because I don’t like to fool with the hassle of returning items - boxing, going to the UPS store, paying shipping, etc. This is why I do not usually order on-line items. I like to feel, see, touch, etc., before I buy. However, with the current COVID-19 situation, I am limiting my exposure to in- person experiences as much as possible. (I live with an At High Eisk person.). I have no problems with the company or the product. It simply did not meet my needs. Also, if I could shop in person, I can find tights and leggings for about half the price but given that there is order picking, packaging, and shipping involved in on-line purchasing, the higher cost is understandable.
By Bristol on 12/21/2020
I bought these tights for a costume for a theater performance. The quality is excellent, the colors are clear and bright, the fit is superb, they wash beautifully, and I know they will hold up for numerous performances.
By LittleBee on 12/19/2020
I won’t be sure of anything until I’ve worn some of the tights for a full day!
By Nora on 12/19/2020
So I recently bought some tights, knee highs and gloves from we love colors. I can only ever find black at the stores and wanted different bright colors. So I finally checked them out! The prices are reasonable if anything exceptional plus I didn't even know they sold gloves! Sweet surprise! I am soo stoked to get my items and rock them!! Yay colors, yay tights, yay We Love Colors!
By Tittysprinkles on 12/18/2020
I was looking for really good tights that would actually fit. Im 5’4” and weigh over 200lbs and every other tights were going to be $15+ anyway so I figured I would give them a try
By Lauren on 12/17/2020
Quality tights, great choice of colors.
By AB on 12/12/2020
I finally found a place that sells cute tights in a variety of colors and patterns for us thick girls, at a reasonable price. They're soft and durable too.
By Cassie M. on 12/11/2020
I found the site, and it had just what I was looking for. I would let other woman know, who are looking for tights.
By Penelope on 12/11/2020
I ordered teal thigh high tights for my Halloween costume and they were so awesome. I couldn't find teal socks anywhere else as other shops either had high prices, striped socks, or were out of stock. The best part of this website would definitely be the color options and availability.
By Nadia on 12/10/2020
The only thing i wish We Love Colors offered was Mens Xtra Plus as I am 5.5 tall and 225 lbs aprox and need the Size A/B as well can be available in all sizes is Two Color Tights- One purple leg and one green leg for Mardi Gras, and One Red leg and one green leg for Christmas otherwise known as Holiday Jester tights as also seen other colors but they are not made of good quality and many times the sizes are too small where size A/B fits perfect. Love these tights as wearing a dark grey and fits perfect and plan to order more in the future so more color choices if able would be great.
By Online Shopper on 12/10/2020
I had been looking for gold/mustard colored tights for quite sometime. I ordered the gold and they are great. Very happy withy purchase!
By Rani on 12/10/2020
As I have told my friends and co-worker ls, We Love Colors has the best tights! They last for so long and are incredibly vibrant!
By amirak on 12/9/2020
I found this brand at a local sock shop when I was shopping for specific vibrant colored tights and they had an awesome purple pair. I also bought a real pair. I ended up wearing them well after Halloween and always get tons of compliments. My daughter wanted striped tights so I wanted to buy this brand again, know that they were durable, comfortable and a good value.
By Nora on 12/9/2020
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