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wish you had more fishnet option like yers ago ( Mitts) footless fishnet tights and wish ordering multiple colors for each one iteam was less time consuming
By Danceteacher on 3/15/2021
I have purchased approximately 20 pair of tights. I love them. They fit perfectly, the colors are beautiful. I have given the website information to several people.
By Fancy Legs on 3/15/2021
I buy from We Love Colors probably once a year, always after trying and failing to find specific colors and striped variations from other sellers... and then I remember We Love Colors exists and wonder why I ever look anywhere else! They have so many options and are so size-inclusive when it comes to tights. More size options for their thigh highs and other socks would make them perfect - why are there no plus size striped OTKs? But I would definitely recommend WLC to just about anyone.
By Em on 3/15/2021
I just met with some good friends and one was asking where to get tights. I mentioned your site, looked at it to pass on the information, and fell in love all over again. Thanks for keeping the world of colorful tight so easily accessible.
By Love These on 3/14/2021
I was looking for microfiber footed tights but they didn't have the colors i wanted in the size i wanted. I ended up ordering footless tights and socks but still didnt get one of the colors i wanted. I hope in the future more color options are available in larger sizes or that there is an option to request a particular color even if it's not immediately available to ship.
By Trevor on 3/9/2021
I wear tights almost every day and I’ve shopped for them exclusively at We Love Colors after a friend who swears by these tights recommended them to me.
By Emily R on 3/6/2021
I have purchased approximately 20 pair of the plus nylon tights in the last year. I love the bold beautiful colors,the comfort fit, and they are true to size. I have received so many compliments, and have given my coworkers the website. I will continue to purchase my tights with We Love Colors FOREVER, and you should ALSO!
By Fancy Legs on 3/4/2021
It’s just really nice to find tights that match on my fun colorful outfits during the colder months
By Sam on 2/27/2021
Finding a huge selection of bright, vibrantly colored tights was a difficult task until I discovered We Love Colors. My favorite part of the experience was looking through their color catalog that clearly shows all of the color variations in a scale, so you can easily see all the options and choose the perfect color from a huge selection!
By VibranT on 2/27/2021
I have always liked We Love Colors selection. One major site had somewhat of a nice selection of colors before going bankrupt but never got back to that level again. I've been able to match and combine my tights with lots of great outfits. I'd definitely order from here again!
By Leg_Lover on 2/26/2021
I have been a We Love Colors customer for years. I am always satisfied with the selection of colors and how well the tights hold up even after repeated washings. I always get compliments when I wear them.
By Jenny on 2/26/2021
I was looking for colored tights to go w/ some of my new spring dresses. I found We Love Colors on line and the variety of colors was wonderful, I found 2 pair of tights to go w/ my spring dresses that match my shoes. The best part about these tights is they can be worn w/ more than just my spring clothes. Can't wait to get them in the mail.
By Anj on 2/26/2021
It's the only place we big girls can consistently find tights our size in all the colors.
By Loren on 2/24/2021
I have bought many things yearly from you. I love fish net tights . I love that the product are well made ! I get so frustrated how cheaply things are made . Your products are well priced and good quality
By jean on 2/22/2021
I actually commented on a Facebook thread that a friend was asking for tights recommendations and we love colors was tagged. I glanced over and didn’t lay much mind. Someone at the WLC saw my interest and recommended a color for me. I ordered it snd it’s a PERFECT match.Ordering more now.
By Ka on 2/22/2021
I finally bought some red tights that I have been wanting forever. I got them from we love colors; it is pricey for tights but the colors are spot on and they last forever. Plus the blue tights will be prefect for my wedding.
I ordered neon pink tights as part of my pro wrestling gear. They are more sheer than I would have liked. The quality is very good. It is my fault that I ordered something that wasn’t what I expected. I’ll either order another pair and double up or see if I can find something else.
By Billy Ray on 2/20/2021
We Love Colors has such an excellent selection of striped tights. Instead of finding the same old boring black and color tights, these had white with beautiful colors of the rainbow!
By Ash on 2/18/2021
I absolutely love these tights! I used to work for a theatre company, and we would always buy our tights from here, because of the color variety. And now I buy them from here for my cosplays. They are so soft!
By Sica on 2/18/2021
I bought these tights to match 2 specific outfits, and I'm really happy to have so many colors to choose from.
By CheezWhiz10 on 2/17/2021
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