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So far seemed great!
By Nikki on 10/20/2018
I love all the color options for shoes laces! I have been trying to find them everywhere and not able to in the 45” length for my daughters shoes! Also, the variety of colors for tights are amazing! My daighter is Vampirina so I’m excited to find the right color. The only thing I would have liked better is too see the colors or children, since on the adults they are more transparent to get a better visual of the color. Overall, everything was great!
By MommaShark12 on 10/20/2018
Love the color selection!
By Val on 10/20/2018
Great colours, using the tights for my dance show..the kids are Jemima Puddleduck so need orange legs! Used the tights in previous dance performances so happy with them so trying again.
By SSD on 10/21/2018
So I just completed my first year as an actor combatant at the New York Renaissance Faire. Tights were part of my costume and they were super comfortable and they looked so wonderful. I also attend renaissance faires as a patron and I have a penchant for historical costuming, so naturally I needed a pair of my own! I just placed my order and I cannot wait to receive my very own pair!
By Brad on 10/21/2018
"it's been difficult to find hose/tights that fit and don't sag, in feminine colors and last year I found on FaceBook so I said 'why not I'll try them' they were GREAT! The fit the colors wow wait till you see my fall colors I just ordered! The price was also great, I LOVE COLORS!
By Online Shopper on 10/13/2018
I went to this site because an online article said We Love Colors was a good place to find plus-sized tights. I ordered two pairs; we'll see how well they fit when they arrive.
By doodle on 10/21/2018
I love all the colors offered as well as the range in sizes. However, with the differences in computer monitors, I'm never quite sure if the color I ordered is the color I need to match a certain outfit.
By Misty on 10/21/2018
I love We Love Colors. I recommend all the time. Every time people ask about my colorful tights.
By bb on 10/21/2018
This is the second time I've ordered from We Love Colors and just like the first time, the process is so easy and quick. My last order arrived swiftly, and I hope this one does as well. I'm really excited to get these fishnets for Halloween!
By nic-noc on 10/9/2018
These seemed like very nice tights, but the sizing was inaccurate. I bought the size indicated based on my height and weight, but they were far too small. The company needs better descriptions for sizing.
By Cheri on 10/19/2018
The website was easy to navigate and I found what I wanted. There were lots of colors to choose from and several size options for plus-sized people. Buying clothing online is always difficult because you don't know if items will run true to size. The reviews posted were only positive and didn't mention fit.
By Cheri on 10/8/2018
The section of colors and patterns, and variety of sizes all in one place is something I have never seen before! It gets your imagination going with what's possible to express your personal style.
By Laura P on 10/19/2018
I needed tights of the same color for the whole family for Halloween costumes. This is the only place to get the same color for people ages 1 to 75!
By Mamo on 10/19/2018
I could get orange tights
By Mamo on 10/10/2018
Nice products
By Amx on 10/19/2018
Good, keep up good work
By Potsy on 10/20/2018
Excellent product, and delivered so quickly! This is the second time I've ordered from We Love Colors and both times my package came within the week. Both products I've ordered are the exact color I needed and have been very well made. I'll be buying again from We Love Colors for sure.
By nic-noc on 10/20/2018
You had the size I needed. I would prefer more variety of costume the tights, but the one's I ordered should make due with a little extra work.
By Online Shopper on 10/20/2018
The color selection from we love colors is awesome, but the site isn’t super plus size friendly. They sort some things into “plus size” but the item that I purchased was hidden away in the straight sizes - I'd have never found it if I hadn’t gone looking around for something different than what they had categorized.
By Lexi on 10/19/2018