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I was looking for tights to wear with a Halloween costume that were a unique color. I went into Google assuming I probably wasn't going to find anything because of my size. Normally all of the cool tights are for people smaller than me. That's when I found "We Love Colors". I clicked on their site and immediately found what I was looking for and was super happy. Their color selection is amazing but even above that, I was really impressed with their size range. I think this is the only site I've seen that offers neon fishnet tights to people of all sizes. The checkout process was very smooth and simple. I got my confirmation email within 3 minutes. I can't wait to get my order in the mail and buy more in the future!
By Kim on 9/5/2019
I love my tights and wear them every day usually I purchased high performance butt I'm trying this new style and I'm sure I'll enjoy them as much as the other products I have purchased
By Online Shopper on 9/4/2019
I see A lot of other cosplayers using these brands of tights and I’m excited to try them out. The shipping price isn’t horrible and I’m hopeful it’ll be in the color I need for my Jasper cosplay!
By Beauty Stitch on 9/4/2019
The product had a hole in them, so the tights are being returned.
By Randy on 9/4/2019
I wanted some cosplay gloves; I left with tights. Everything seems normal here.
By Azza on 9/3/2019
I am a larger woman and i was looking for tights for a halloween costume that would fit me and not be extremely sheer. We Love Colors comes highly recommended and has a variety of options so I figured I would give it a shot. If the tights work as advertised I might have to come buy every color available.
By Max on 9/2/2019
I have tights that are better quality from welovecolors that say 1x-3x on label and they are of a higher quality than the ones I just got. The color Navy is more of a royal blue.
By Online Shopper on 9/2/2019
I love buying tights for my cosplay from you guys. You have to many colors that it's easy to find exactly what I need.
By Online Shopper on 9/2/2019
By MEEKS INC. on 9/1/2019
I ordered the exact same style my husband ordered for me several years ago, and the product was not nearly as high quality as the previous order was. The tights were not as thick or opaque, and were nowhere near as comfortable. They came with small imperfections in the knit that have become more obvious after only one wear. I’m very disappointed in the product, and may return them and try shopping elsewhere. Do you have a plus size tight style that is opaque and thick.
By FireinmySpine on 8/30/2019
I like your tights very much and will continue to order them from you. However, your current web site is broken. It gave the wrong forecast for order completion and did not inform me when it shipped.
By Yoda on 8/30/2019
last time i bought from i got over 20 styles but the colors weren't all exact so I've been hesitant to shop again- I am pregnant & having a hard time finding tights that fit & I wear them EVERY day so I decided to give them another shot!
By Poni on 8/29/2019
I am a plus size woman and love that I can get amazing and fun fish net tights shipped to Australia. I have been a customer for Amy years and really love your company!
By MJA on 8/29/2019
Quality for the dollar spent is excellent, and color choices fantastic. I would warn that sizing is not consistent from product to product (and sometimes a bit confusing) so just read up on that. The one Men's product line you don't have that I would like would be short and long sleeve shirts to match the tights offered.
By David d. on 8/29/2019
These tights are really good for all of my cosplays :)
By Gabby on 8/28/2019
We Love Colors has all kinds of tights and gloves in just about every color imaginable.
By Powervicky on 8/28/2019
I am heavy set and always have trouble to find cool clothes in my size. Tights are important in this cold weather but I want more options than the usual grey or black. I came here from several articles and referrals and, although i have not received the product yet, the experience in the website was great. It is no a "plus size" store, it is a place to find cool tights in all sorts of sizes that are more familiar to me.
By SusanaGrey on 8/28/2019
I've been looking for affordable, colorful tights (not leggings!) and they're surprisingly difficult to find. We Love Colors had a lot of options at reasonable prices, making them exactly what I was looking for. Once my purchase arrives, I'll try them on and if I like the quality I'll have found my source for most of my tights in the future. Then, if they add fleece lined versions for the winter months it'll be all my future tights.
By Turnip on 8/27/2019
The tights are perfect, the sizing is a bit off but I’d rather have a little big than too tight. Really easy to work with and a ton of colors to choose from—perfect for Steven Universe cosplayers.
By Chimeleyh on 8/27/2019
I just wanted to try the microfiber tights, because ordinary pantyhose are kinda uncomfortable and I have just worn jeans so much lately. Hopefully I can dress up a bit more with a better choice of what to wear between my hemline and my mary-janes.
By Mandy Lou on 8/27/2019
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