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I ordered green tights for a Halloween costume. They are beautiful, nice quality! They arrived sooner than expected. I will definitely recommend this company to others.
By J Kat on 10/21/2019
I had heard good things about We Love Colors years ago for durable tights.I have some tights but know I'll need more for this Winter/Fall. I decided to take the plunge and test them out. It's a little overwhelming at first because there are just so many colors and choices. I settled on the knee highs, deciding to try out something new but in safer colors before I commit to something a little more wild and crazy. Once I settled on product, it's amazing how many colors they have. I feel like I went with the boring ones, but maybe I'll be back, if these fit well, for something fun!
By SJ on 10/21/2019
Loved the may have been my small screen (iPhone 5s) but the “add the cart” button was hard to find and I had to restart my order twice. Overall experience was satisfactory though and will be returning for any other tights needs.
By Pinky on 10/21/2019
I would definitely recommend we love colors to my friends it's so hard to find good quality tights to fit my thighs and I was very surprised that the large diamond fishnets fit because usually "one size" doesnt fit me
By Starmony on 10/21/2019
I love that you offer seamless gloves and matching tights, we're doing costumes that require custom body painting and this will make the whole outfit a LOT easier to wear.
By Online Shopper on 10/18/2019
I've purchased from WLC a few years ago, and my tights are still in excellent condition. Shopping on their site now, a lot of the layout is different, and they have many more options to choose from. It's a little confusing because I can't tell the difference between some of the tights? Like the first few options are clearly different products, but I don't know what makes them different beside the opacity and mayne the fit. But overall, there are a ton of color options, and the tights are really high quality for the low price
By Rebecca on 10/18/2019
They have tights, gloves, bodysuits, etc. in a variety of colors. I am doing an orc costume and I didn't want to paint my whole body green so this seemed like a good option. I'd recommend it for anyone who wants to be colorful. :)
By Angel on 10/17/2019
They have every color of hosiery imaginable! Available in plus sizes! I was struggling to find a simple pair of ivory tights to go with a dress, and your website had them and it was so easy.
By BW on 10/17/2019
I’m stoked WeLoveColors is manufacturing arm socks. Since fans started using their tights to make them around ten years ago (as far as I know), it seemed like a natural next step for the company. I’be heard good things and I’m ready for my first pair!
By Jade on 10/17/2019
I do alot of cosplay and am plus sized, so the variety of colors and sizes is very convenient and helpful since it's hard to find plus sized leggings or tights in stores.
By Noelle on 10/16/2019
It was amazing to find a place that sells plus size tights in bright colors -- bright colors are hard to find in general, let alone in a size that would fit me. I was very pleased and am looking forward to receiving my shipment on Monday :)
By Tigris on 10/16/2019
So far I've ordered 2 pairs of tights and worn them multiple times. Great quality, fun colors. I didn't quite get the right color match on the teal (from my last order) but with computer screens it's so hard to tell and I still love them.
By Online Shopper on 10/16/2019
I needed tights in a hurry and a friend recommended this site. I needed tights for my size because I'm plus and I have big thighs. It was so easy and affordable!
By Myth on 10/15/2019
I was in need of a good pair of tights, and because I’ve used We Love Colors before and new the product was of good quality and for me well, I went there first. It took me less than 3 minutes to find what I needed and check out.
By MissT on 10/14/2019
I saw a post on Instagram about a purchase someone made from I’m always looking for tights in my size because I’m hard to fit and the colors I like aren’t usually available, so I followed the link. I was happy to find the wide variety of colors, sizes and styles available so I put it on my list of things to purchase next.
By Tina on 10/14/2019
LOVE the choice of colors and sizes. It's a really easy site to use. I love being able to see the tights on a body/form. The only thing I didn't like is that it is hard to tell what exact color I will receive as the square color sample box is a slightly different color than the color the tights appear on the picture of the person/form wearing the tights.
By katz on 10/14/2019
I have some tights already and decided to expand my color collection for the fall/winter. I always let people know where I get my tights when they compliment my colorful legs.
By Ezra Jo on 10/14/2019
I used we love colors for our team tights. They are wonderful because they come in a thick denier AND sizes that fit everybody. I totally suggest using them for all tour tights needs.
By Irish Dance Mom on 10/14/2019
The only reason I ordered from We Love Colors is because it was the only merchant that sold the color of tights I need for the cosplay I am doing for MAGfest. I've heard the quality is good from other cosplayers, but the price and shipping costs are outrageous. It is also going to take way longer to get my purchase then I thought. It will probably not be in for the Halloween parties I intended to go to with this costume. I would be more willing to pay the cost of the stockings if it didn't then cost me an additional $20 to get them to me on time. I opted to just wait longer for shipping. These stockings/ gloves better not tear.
By Online Shopper on 10/13/2019
I always buy my tights from We love Color. They fit well are well made and durable. Best ever!
By Tattoorn on 10/13/2019
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