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Amazing color selection, of course! I also like the simplicity of the site. The only reason I didn't order more is because I want to test the sizing. I'm very tall and straight-size tights never work for me, so thank you for having plus sizes! I'll definitely be returning for a wider range of colors, assuming the tights are nice and opaque and that the sizing works out.
By Online Shopper on 1/18/2020
It’s hard to find gloves and tights that match body paint, but y’alls colors match perfectly!
By Ko on 1/16/2020
So glad to find mens tights in the colors I needed - thank you!
By Opera Costume on 1/15/2020
Great color selection, great fitting tights!
By Mo on 1/14/2020
The tights that I received were better than I thought they might be. They fit well and did not have that double seam in the seat, which I hate. I will most likely order more in the future.
By Barbara on 1/14/2020
I was hoping to find arm socks and matching tights for a cosplay but know now I’ll just have to make the arm sock which is nerve wracking. I would of loved if you had some to choose from but either way I’m excited to see the quality of your tights knowing a lot of cosplayers buy from you. Price was okay but did seem alittle expensive for me but hopefully I get what I paid for and don’t ruin an expensive pair trying to make something else.
By Alex on 1/12/2020
WeLoveColors is fantastic for armsocks, funky colored tights, and anything you could possibly need for cosplaying a character with an un-natural skin color.
By Vincent on 1/12/2020
We Love Colors is one of the only sites that have high quality and super comfy tights! I also love how the colors are extremely bright and solid on the skin! Also I feel like my body can breathe in these tights as well!
By Peachdelity on 1/9/2020
I was looking for a pair of tights in olive green, not so easily found. I am glad that We Love Colors has products with a range of colors.
By Lea on 1/9/2020
I wear these tights during the cold weather months and they have lasted me several years without runs and such. In years past I have purchased in sizes 1X-3X and have had runs occurring, but starting last year, I am purchasing in the size range of 5X-8X and have had hardly any problems. (one problem I had was a series of tears/rips in the foot of one pair of tights but I could not determine if they came that way or I was responsible for the tears myself. They are still wearable except I need to cover the feet up withleg warmers.)
By skiffy skunk on 1/9/2020
As a plus size girl, I love the fact that you can order any color and any size that you would need. Finding tights in your size can be really hard, I will use this site many more times.
By Nova on 1/9/2020
I got the perfect tights for my Starfire cosplay! The shade is a perfect match to my body paint and they’re coming within the next week!
By Liv on 1/8/2020
We Love Colors has the best selection of colors and sizes that I've ever seen online. They also have many styles of tights, including footless and stirrup, that are hard to find.
By Janis on 1/8/2020
The tights and gloves make cosplaying Star Wars alien characters much easier and comfortable, as it reduces the amount of body paint I have to use. The colors are all strong and match well with Mehron makeup, and the quality is excellent, so I can go around all day without worrying about getting a run or rip in my tights; one less thing to worry about at a con or parade.
By Gretchen on 1/7/2020
My first purchase was for my Jester cosplay! I got the seamless Matte gloves and I am in love! They are so stretchy and comfortable! As a plus sized person I was scared they would be really tight but they fit amazing! They have an amazing selection! I’m excited to purchase a bodysuit for another jester cosplay as well as gloves for a Nott the brave cosplay! I love we love colors and they are my go to for tights, gloves, etc for cosplay!
By Sunshine on 1/6/2020
I was looking for tights for a cosplay I am making my husband. i knew we love colors would have the tights i was looking for for the costume.
By denise on 1/6/2020
Love how many size and color options there are! Plus, these are affordable—no one wants to break the bank on tights!
By Tiff on 1/5/2020
Talking to a good friend about tights and leotards to figure out what works best for cosplays, and We Love Colors seems to be top of the list for most people.
By Prince Vegeta on 1/5/2020
I love the array of colors! The most I’ve ever seen for tights. And the price is very affordable.
By Freddie on 1/4/2020
I love the tights, there are so many colors to choose. They are great for cosplay!
By Online Shopper on 1/3/2020
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