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I found this site a couple of years ago when I was looking for a hard to find color of tight to go with a skirt I had purchased. Of course, We Love Colors had the shade I needed. I live in the Midwest and when it turns cold, I turn to We Love Colors for their tights to wear under my clothing. I am a plus size and most places either don't have the size I want, or they're too expensive. I luv We Love Colors! Highly recommend.
By Donby on 11/14/2019
This is my second purchase of footless tights from We Love Colors. The fabric is very good quality - sturdy, doesn't sag by the end of the day, and truly opaque. The colors are uniform, rich, and true. I only wish for even more colors - like a really super-dark espresso, and deep raisin. I wear these mostly with boots & prefer the footless so I can wear boot socks, but I might try the regular footed tights when I need to replace my current stock of tights to wear with regular shoes.
By Online Shopper on 11/13/2019
I was surprised by the selection of colors and sizes. And the prices. I expected to pay more for plus-size tights than I did.
By KC on 11/13/2019
Hello, I appreciate your selection of colors, patterns, and sizes. The only issue I have had is with sizing. I am 195 lbs and 5'7" which puts me well into the 1x/2x range, but I always have to size up to 3x/4x. In some of the other sizes, I have to size up even more. I do have a disproportionately curvy bottom half, but it still seems a bit odd that hose that goes up to 275 lbs wouldn't fit me. However, it isn't a big deal now that I know that I have to size up. I really am glad to find tights in such fun colors and styles for someone my size. Thanks!
By KC on 11/12/2019
we love colors has a lot of tights in a wide range of sizes and colors. idk about the quality or denier, just ordered. seems promising!
By sarah on 11/12/2019
They have a lot more options than a lot of other places, and I never have to worry about things being shiny or in poor condition. I wish they had a little more color options for between some of their shades, but they're still a really good place to start looking for something. Definitely my favorite place to get base tights for armsocks at the very least. Not to mention most of their stock is pretty affordable.
By Masquerace on 11/11/2019
I needed to find white tights for a Halloween costume and it was last minute.. I was shocked to see how hard it is to find quality white tights. I know now days they arent exactly trendy so they are pretty limited to costumes etc but I still thought it would be easier to find. Also as a plus sized woman it's hard to find things as it is. I loved that they had every color I could think of AND they had my size. I got them super fast. Exactly when they said I would. My only complaint is I wish they had been a bit more opaque. They were opaque for sure but I would have loved if they were even more so. You could still see the veins in my legs. I'm super pale and they are visible through my skin. But other than that they were great.. they actually fit so that's major.. because I knew the "plus size" tights from the Halloween store definitely wouldn't. I would totally order again if I needed a special color.
By Luna on 11/11/2019
the tights fit perfectly and the colors were amazing.
By Toni on 11/11/2019
I wanted, and thought I ordered, panel tights. What I received are NOT panel tights. I went online to complain and check the item carefully. I see only certain sizes are panel tights. NOT HAPPY! This was not clear.
By Online Shopper on 11/10/2019
Great selection of tights and leotards with many color options. Prices could be slightly less compared to other competitors.
By DT on 11/9/2019
The first color I ordered did not match. So, I paid $4.00 shipping, $4.00 to return them, and now $4.00 again for another color. Hopefully this color will work. If it doesn't and I ship them back again, I will have paid $16.00 and still have no tights.
By Online Shopper on 11/9/2019
I have ordered several times from iLC. I love the footless tights. The sizing is great, I’m 6 ft tall and they are long enough for me. I always go back to iLC because it ships fast and it’s easy to order on the website. ❤️❤️❤️
By Online Shopper on 11/8/2019
I bought some red tights for an outfit and then some plain white tights. They're always so soft and super colorful. This is my fave place to get plain color tights and I only get them here.
By Isis on 11/8/2019
Colors were different from what I expected. Teal was turquoise and fuchsia was really bright. I think I probably won't wear most of the tights.
By Colorful on 11/7/2019
"We Love Colors" site is pretty good place to find the color, style, and type of tights and socks that you would like to get. The styles aren't overly complex, but it's a super good base for all of your outfits. The cloth quality is pretty high up there, many of the styles using lycra, so its a good stretch that'll last quite a bit (lycra is some of the stuff that high quality swim suits use).
By That Dancing Cat on 11/6/2019
I have looked all over for tights in beautiful bright colors and I have finally found them.
By Chris-Miss on 11/6/2019
Pretty much the only place I buy tights. Ordered three pairs of the same kind in various colors. Very much appreciate the detailed size charts.
By Online Shopper on 11/6/2019
I am always on the hunt for clothing with color, so was very excited to find We Love Colors! I purchased two pairs of tights for now, but will certainly be back if they fit well. The color options are spectacular! The only thing I'd love to see more of is a larger variety of clothing options on the site.
By Sarah on 11/5/2019
I was given the link to order a set of tights for a play. I clicked, selected, and purchased in under 5 minutes! I was blown away by how easy it was, and how many different options there were! I have 4 daughters: we will be back to buy tights!!!
By cewilliams79 on 11/5/2019
I ordered from them once before and they were excellent! This time I got some striped tights, totally within my weight recommendations, that did not fit. At all. It was irritating. The quality was also only so so. I gifted them to a friend instead of returning them because I didn't want to pay for return shipping. I really hate when plus sized clothing is sized wrong. It's hard enough to be plus sized as it is.
By Fiona on 11/5/2019
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