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I love that the plus sizing is actually plus sizing! The stretch is good without being tight, and it’s so rare to find plus size options in tights and dance wear!
By Swanabelle on 11/25/2019
We love colors is the perfect place to get tights and gloves for cosplay with such a large variety of colors to choose from and such high quality products, it's my first choice to order from.
By Amber on 11/25/2019
I wish the product reviews were from the actual product I was viewing; I was looking at kids' tights and all the reviews were from plus-size cosplayers. Other than that, this is the place I go for bright tights for me and my kid.
By Gospodyina on 11/25/2019
I love the colors, the fact that they are available in plus size, and I’m excited to try the leggings, which will be more durable than regular tights
By Kay on 11/24/2019
Love the texture of your tights!
By Online Shopper on 11/24/2019
I love this site and the quality of the fabrics used. The quality is so good that I have used the tights Over and over long after I popped some runs or holes in the crotch and the rest of the tights remained in tact ! Lol
By Lara on 11/24/2019
I found the exact color of tights that I was looking for.
By Online Shopper on 11/23/2019
If you need a specific color for tights or for making arm socks, I'd recommend We Love Colors, especially since they are Florida based!
By Moira on 11/23/2019
I have been looking for plus size tights for my boss since i don't trust amazon. I will give this a try to see if the tight fit enough boss. If it is then i would recommend this to friends.
By neko on 11/22/2019
The quality of the tights was great and fit perfectly. I will be ordering others soon.
By Kathy on 11/21/2019
I was pleasantly surprised to discover the range of product options had changed since I last looked at the catalog. Instead of attempting to match colors of gloves and tights from different retailers, I was able to order the same colors from the same place, which makes me much more confident that the items will closely match.
By Ani on 11/21/2019
I was looking for great tights to match all my fantastic boho outfits. I cannot wait until i receive my new colorful tights!
By van on 11/20/2019
I was completely wowed by color choices and the fact that was true plus size tights. That seemed to be made well, this is very important to me. My one pair of really good tights I already own, I have had them for 10+ years without any issues. I hope I these will join my old faithful pair.
By Stephy99 on 11/20/2019
I bought three pairs of tights from We Love Colors. Their website is great. I love that they had examples of every color option that were well lit and you could tell how opaque the tights were. It seems like they put a lot of time and effort into making sure their customers could make an informed purchase.
By Online Shopper on 11/19/2019
I'm very happy with the wide color selection and size selection in tights. The bodysuits do not have as wide of a size selection. Also, if their standards have stayed the same their tights last forever.
By Diamond on 11/19/2019
A good friend told me about it. Joy Moreland who advertised your tights in her blog introduced me to this sight.
By Michele on 11/17/2019
good tights
By Online Shopper on 11/17/2019
They have every color under the rainbow, and they have sizes that truly fit plus-sized folks. The quality is superb-- thick and opaque, keep their shape, and are plenty roomy. Since I found WeLoveColors, I haven't bought tights anywhere else.
By Moryssa on 11/17/2019
I love the quality and fit of the tights from We Love Colors. The colors are beautiful and the tights are both matte and opaque- which I love. The tights wear well and last a long time. I also appreciate the ease and usability of the website. Ordering is a snap! My only feedback is I wish shipping was guaranteed to happen within 24th hours. Other than that I love shopping We Love Colors!
By Online Shopper on 11/16/2019
I've always heard a lot of amazing things about this company (mostly from a_smile_and_a_song and kellykirstein on Instagram) and I needed some tights for Stocking from Panty andStocking and I found the exact pair that I needed for a really good price!
By Cam on 11/15/2019
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