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I have been working on making arm socks for a cosplay but the tights I ordered from another retailer were such a poor quality that no matter what I tried they would run or tear. I have heard from numerous other cosplayers that We Love Colors has the best tights for cosplay and arm socks so I just had to try them! I am excited to get started on these arm socks because I trust the quality of We Love Colors' products!
By Shelby on 1/23/2020
I've heard so many wonderful things about We Love Colors from other cosplayers especially in the Critical Role fandom that I needed to try them out for an upcoming cosplay and they were right, they have an excellent selection of solid color gloves and tights which is great for people who might not be able to do paint on their skin due to allergies [like myself] I'm very excited to get my order and put it with the rest of my cosplay.
By Online Shopper on 1/23/2020
I costume for a children's theater group and we always need good quality solid color tights. This time it's for Seussical. I know I can find the colors I need and they will actually hold up to kids and teens in a weekend or two of shows. The prices are reasonable given their durability.
By Cara on 1/23/2020
I needed a specific color of tights for a pompompurin themed lolita coordinate and you were the only brand that sold them in the correct color! Im very impressed by the color range available and will definitely be coming back for more lolita tights in the future.
By Haley on 1/22/2020
I haven't gotten the tights yet, so I don't know. I did like the large selection of colors and the plus size.
By Amy on 1/22/2020
I think the site could look a bit prettier and have more close up options of colours and actual products. I had to look up the color mocha on a different site to get the right one. I was looking for 'softer' tights and had to dig around to figure out which one of the styles would work for me.
By N on 1/21/2020
So far I have had a great experience. It's nice to be able to purchase so many different colored tights in plus sizes. ...Most other stores only offer the basics: black, navy and nude in plus sizes.
By Jess on 1/21/2020
Loved the tights a while back, except I prefer cotton tights. My old pair are still in great shape, but they were a splash color and I don't wear them often but they will hold up for a long time yet. It was a bit tricky to update my shipping and billing addresses but I figured it out after going back to my account a few times. It was hard to find on the account page too. I am looking forward to my tights and I hope they fit as well as the other sizing did.
By Online Shopper on 1/20/2020
This is the only website I got to when I need stockings or gloves for a cosplay. The material is good, and the tights are always nice and opaque. Having the options for plus sizes are also a plus! Any time anyone needs gloves, this is the first place I recommend.
By Pluvicorn on 1/20/2020
Love the ability to get all sorts of colors for my costumes! The only thing I wish is you had an option for thicker tights for men. In order to be truly opaque, I have to get 2 pair of performance tights. Please think of thicker options!
By pacer on 1/20/2020
I love we love colors because they have products that are typically difficult to find for men. As a man, finding tights or sheer socks can be extremely difficult and I find that all my problems diminish here. Not only can I find all the products that I’m looking for.. I can find them in more colors than I need. Absolutely great shopping experience and I can’t wait to receive my products.
By Felix on 1/20/2020
Love the selection, but there are a few glitches: - Tights had two conflicting size charts - Shoulder gloves did not have my desired color in desired size - wasn't immediately apparent that another size had the color - Cart was not directly reachable from account signin page. Had to go through home page to find it.
By Jon on 1/20/2020
So many colors to choose from! Everybody asks me where I get my beautiful bright colored tights, and I love telling them it's YOU :)
By Kiki on 1/19/2020
It's just been so difficult finding a brand that makes good, sustainable, fun colored tights in a world consumed by fast fashion. But WeLoveColors made it easy!
By Kelly on 1/19/2020
Used site because it had reliability of getting a good selection of colors in tights. Kinda pricey in comparison to everyone else's $7 tights, but when you keep in my the money saved on possibly having to order seperately from several stores, im sure it all equals out. I originally had 3 tights and was looking for some frilly socks... I ended up only getting one pair of tights in the end because the lack of selection in socks really brought me back to reality and made me realize i didnt need all of it.. especailly if it wasnt what i wanted no matter the convience. in short, i wish the company could add a variety of socks.
By Mom on 1/18/2020
Every time I need to buy tights I always go to We Love Colors. They have every color you could possibly need and the quality of the tights is amazing, especially at such a reasonable price. I use them for cosplay, festivals, dancewear...everything.
By Claire on 1/18/2020
They have the absolute best selection of colors, styles, and sizes for tights and bodysuits. I've been buying from them for years, and the products last a LONG time. A bit pricey but totally worth it. Their website is a bit basic, but they're still professsional.
By Sally on 1/18/2020
I cosplay. And as a cosplayer I have characters where I don’t want to paint my ENTIRE BODY for the outfit. These tights and arm socks offer an extremely easy way to change your skin color with very minimal effort. I was a little bummed that the arm socks that I need for my current cosplay are out of stock in the size I need, but I’ll keep checking back over the next few weeks for sure! Regardless of availability, the arm socks seem extremely easy to sew a snap into to attach them to an outfit to keep them up. I also am excited about the tights, because it’ll make it really easy to sew or snap boot covers to them to keep it up! I LOVE we love colors and their options! 100% recommend.
By LunaArianrhod on 1/18/2020
Amazing color selection, of course! I also like the simplicity of the site. The only reason I didn't order more is because I want to test the sizing. I'm very tall and straight-size tights never work for me, so thank you for having plus sizes! I'll definitely be returning for a wider range of colors, assuming the tights are nice and opaque and that the sizing works out.
By Online Shopper on 1/18/2020
It’s hard to find gloves and tights that match body paint, but y’alls colors match perfectly!
By Ko on 1/16/2020
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