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This was first time purchased tights on line an from We Love Colors. The footless tights are great, they stay in place plus look good. Plan to purchase more tights in the future.
By Andy G on 3/3/2020
There is a Jewish holiday this time of year when we dress up in costume, and every year I buy a new color of tights for my costume. I often also get another fun color for general use while I'm ordering. We Love Colors has been amazing about returns (I have ordered the wrong color before) and I would highly recommend the company to friends.
By Lisa on 3/2/2020
We love colors has an amazing selection of tights and gloves for cosplay and dance! They have plus sizes and they have just about every style you could ask for! They have something for every dance wear cosplay type need.
By Annabeth2104 on 3/1/2020
Super nice quality tights, they're not see through at all and are super comfortable to wear! It's a super good brand and they have lots of different options and great sizing! Would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs anything of this sort!
By Maddie on 2/28/2020
The selection of colors is amazing! And they have plus sizes, kids, mens! I love it. As someone who enjoys cosplay and likes to use tights instead of body paint all over this is definitely a website I will be using more often!
By Gabby on 2/28/2020
My first order and I can't wait to sport my tights at Okeechobee!
By Britt on 2/26/2020
The pictures suck. I would like to see some in depth pictures that really show off the colors. It's confusing what the difference is between the fabric/textile choices in tights. Nylon/lycra or nulon/spandex...I can't tell the difference in the 1 teeny pic available. I'm a plus size drag queen and tights are important for those of us with big legs. I have big legs and I would just like more info on what I'm purchasing before I go through with it. It feels like a buyer beware kinda thing. Anyways, the tights I have bought in the past, lime green and bkack have been fabulous but I have no idea what kind of fabric/material they're made of.
By Anny on 2/26/2020
I have been so excited to order more products. The tights I used as arm socks work so well and they're so comfortable. I want a collection of all the tights in all the colors.
By BananaCakeCosplay on 2/25/2020
I have purchased tights before from your website. It was easy then, but easier now. Everything is explained easily: size, colours and various styles. Great variety. No complaints before, and I expect no issues with this order either. Thank you.
By Canada289 on 2/25/2020
You want a good place to look for cosplay tights? Honestly, great alternative to complete body paint. Plus, you can use it to cosplay as that character more than once.
By SEGASister on 2/24/2020
Love the sight tons of colors/products. Everything looks a little suspect because of the white background and even lighting but I’ve seen the product in person so i know it’s legit. Hoping gloves fit my fire arms. I’m a guy and there are specific male/female tights but jot gloves. We’ll that you can buy fabric. Keeping that in mind
By Azh on 2/24/2020
I loved the plus size options in ALL the colors of the rainbow. Also the options for sturdier tights for more active needs.
By Online Shopper on 2/23/2020
I would definitely recommend this site to anyone who needs a variety of tights, gloves, leotards, etc. I love the variety of colors and the fact that plus is an option. Growing up I was on the heavier side and always felt sad when I couldn't find a proper size for things like this. Especially since I was and still am a performer and needed many of these things.
By Carter on 2/23/2020
Their tights sized for anyone and everyone and they come in an incredible number of colors. Wish I'd discovered this site sooner. It would have saved me a lot of time and stress.
By Deese on 2/22/2020
I frequently get compliments on my performance tights. I love the richness of the colors and the durability.
By Erika Anne on 2/21/2020
My ex husband helped me out in a pinch with my tight time frame before my performances of Cinderella in March. I found an easy time seeing the color selections and even used multiple devices to make sure it was the correct pair of tights I would need. The shipping options were expensive but the many different options were very helpful. I hope I get to enjoy them as much as I think I will.
By Jakenowicki815 on 2/20/2020
I love We Love Colors tights for cosplay and in general! I have a pair of tights that I wear on a regular basis and tights I have turned into arm socks.
By Online Shopper on 2/20/2020
We Love colours is great for getting gloves and tights for cosplay characters that have vibrant coloured skin such as blue and green. Unfortunately it can be tricky for me to get hold of the products and expensive due to shipping rates to the UK.
By Terri on 2/20/2020
I have a scar on my leg that makes me self-conscious in summer, so I like to wear fishnets as a bit of distraction and to still keep cool. Yours are wonderful, very durable and come in fun colors. The rest of the year I love tights, and I'm excited to try yours with this purchase.
By KimberQ on 2/19/2020
Best selection of colored tights in various sizes, it's my go to for matching my Disney dresses. Prices are reasonable and shipping is relatively quick.
By Liza on 2/18/2020
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