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Easy, good selection of plus size leggings.
By Online Shopper on 7/23/2019
Great prices and really high quality leggings!
By Beth on 7/12/2019
I Google searched for some yellow leggings/tights/hosiery for my fiance; it's for her Hufflepuff cosplay. I purchased what I did to support her.
By Bigredtruckrobot on 7/10/2019
I think the availability of getting different items like arm socks, leggings, and fabric directly from one place is incredibly useful and easy, especially since it helps with color matching. However, I have noticed that the fabric colors on the website page aren't always totally accurate. Of course this could be because of monitors, but I wish that there were more photos of the fabric/item in person, instead of just color swatches. I bought a couple fabrics for a Pokemon gijinka cosplay, but found the charcoal isn't really dark gray at all, but much closer to a black. Yet, I couldn't find any colors that were closer to what I had wanted. Same with Maize, I expected it to be a warm cream, but instead was more neon yellow in hue than I had thought. Even still, they are close enough, and I hope that I can use them, but it would have saved me some trouble if I had known what the true color of these fabrics would be.
By Abigail on 5/31/2019
I loved the nylon leggings i bought! And i didn't reallt like the gloves i got but im sure that i just need to stretch them out a bit so they arent as heavy on my skin or tight on my arms
By Online Shopper on 4/20/2019
I ordered the ivory shade in nude leggings expecting a pale colour, but it is almost white! No one's skin looks like that, but I guess I will make it work
By B on 4/8/2019
It was hard to find any brands selling colorful tights and leggings until i came across We Love Colors. We Love Colors has a wide variety of colors and patterns that anyone can choose from. I showed my girlfriend a tie die pair of tights from the website and was immediatly in love. I will definetly be coming back for more colors.
By Jordan on 4/7/2019
I heard about We Love Colors when doing a google search for plus size high quality tights and leggings, and was excited by the quality and color selection mentioned in a youtube review. I checked out intagram to see what they actually look like which was fun. The web site was not as progressive or as user-friendly as I think it should be for a product that primarily speaks to creative people. I think it needs to be re-imagined and the focus should be on photographs like it is on instagram. You should basically be able to see any color of any product on any size person. I think that would increase sales tremendously. The checkout process was fine and easy but again the site format, layout, etc could be improved majorly.
By Natalie on 3/30/2019
there are a variety of different colors and styles. If you ever have issues finding socks, leggings in any color you should come here.
By Alys on 3/30/2019
I had an easy time finding what I needed, and in the perfect color as well. A friend has recommended that I buy from you for cosplay. The only "issue" I had was the original tights/leggings I planned on buying were out of stock, BUT they had been discontinued, so it's no biggy! I have yet to receive my item, but I would recommend.
By Krat on 3/29/2019
Super good quality leggings. Super vibrant and soft at a really good price
By Online Shopper on 3/22/2019
Tights are great, but it was hard to see all of the colors clearly. Had to keep going back and forth from ordering page to color chart. Also wish they had more splash color leggings in stock (or weren't discontinuing). Seems like the bright colors would make working out fun!
By Online Shopper on 3/8/2019
Tights in all the stores near me come in black, navy, brown, and grey. Occasionally there will be other colors but finding them is rare, especially in plus sizes. Tights are also sometimes better than leggings for what I want to wear. This is the only place online where I can find the colors to go with my outfits. If anyone asks where I find my colored tights their either from a struggle to find them in stores, or easily found here. It could only get better if there were matching cardigans for each color of tights available.
By H.ROSE on 3/6/2019
Great experience. Couldn't figure out where to apply the promo code during the purchase, though. Also, would love it if you sold plus size leggings.
By Natasha on 2/27/2019
Leggings ripped badly the very first use.
By Kriti on 2/21/2019
Ordered a long sleeve leotard for a cosplay. It's the perfect size but always rides up, giving me mojor wedgies despite having a really short torso. Otherwise it's really perfect. I love all the products I've bought and the color variety is just amazing. I only wish you guys had more products; good soft leggings, more glove options, socks, some of the things you guys aren't making anymore I would love to keep buying.
By Shinju on 2/7/2019
I would recommend We Love Color as a site to buy tights and leggings because of the variety of colors and sizes. I also appreciate the prompt shipping. However, I am not happy they charge for shipping. Most online vendors provide free shipping for purchases made for a minimum amount; in my experience, $49 - $100. Thus, I will look locally for options before making future purchases.
By Sandy on 1/30/2019
We Love Colors seems to be a go-to for a ton of cosplayers I know, and i see why! A large variety of leggings, tights and gloves makes body paint a lot easier to match!
By Lee on 1/27/2019
I ordered a pair of matte splash color leggings for exercise a few years ago and they finally broke down! I was sad to see that the matte splash color leggings are going to be discontinued so I wasn't able to get the ones that I wanted. But I did get some footless tights so I am hoping that they will work just as well. I'm sad to see the activewear section go! That was my main reason for shopping at we love colors... that and the glitter luxe tights which I think are also being discontinued. Overall though I always have an easy experience ordering!
By Beana on 1/19/2019
My coworker shops through We Love Color and loves the products. I was looking for new tights/leggings etc since my favorite brand discontinued. I’m looking forward to receiving my order and seeing if these will be my new go to tights!
By Jenny on 1/11/2019
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