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I ordered from We Love Colors because I needed a particular color or legging and tight. I ordered Spruce Green which was shown as a dark grayish green in the sample. I received a realist color instead - a beautiful color but definitely not what I needed and not something I would wear. I ended up giving them to a co-worker because I don’t like to fool with the hassle of returning items - boxing, going to the UPS store, paying shipping, etc. This is why I do not usually order on-line items. I like to feel, see, touch, etc., before I buy. However, with the current COVID-19 situation, I am limiting my exposure to in- person experiences as much as possible. (I live with an At High Eisk person.). I have no problems with the company or the product. It simply did not meet my needs. Also, if I could shop in person, I can find tights and leggings for about half the price but given that there is order picking, packaging, and shipping involved in on-line purchasing, the higher cost is understandable.
By Bristol on 12/21/2020
We Love Colors has an excellent selection of various types of tights and leggings. The website is easy to navigate, and the prices are convenient and not as pricy as other websites that specialize in the same products. The ranges of colors are vast, and they hve something for every occassion you can think of. I would definitely recommend buying from We Love Colors over and over again. Shipping is quick, and I’ve received items before the scheduled ship date.
By Emily on 11/6/2020
I love the fact that you have footless tights! Everywhere else has gone to leggings. And the colours are amazing!
By rd5 on 11/4/2020
Your leggings go up to 8x. Which I had actually thought would be too large but I would rather have extra room and also to make sure they didnt get stretched to see-through. However, the thighs of your 8x are not very large and were very difficult to get my legs into. I think your 8x measurement is based off the stomach part. :/ I wont be wearing the leggings unless I need to wear a shorter dress for my costume. I also recommend larger sizes for the leotards. The 3x barely fits my 3x body. The colors are spot on though and matches my makeup perfectly.
By Kay on 10/19/2020
The colors are great. I would order one size up as they hug the leg. I would say they are more like tights than leggings but opaque enough to wear as leggings, which I am doing. I just ordered 4 more pairs in different colors. The colors offered can't be beat, the price is good and the shipping cost is very fair.
By downtown on 10/10/2020
I love your products as a tennis player. The leggings are perfect for fall weather! And so many colors! It makes my heart sing!
By Sports on 10/10/2020
So, I found this place that sells tights and leggings at really cheap prices. It's called We Love Colors, and dude, they have everything. From shirts, to stripped tights, and they even have them in my size. I know where I'm getting my leggings from from now on.
By Grimly on 10/2/2020
I've bought a lot of tights and leggings from We Love Color before and I've fallen in love with each pair. I couldn't wait to try another new pair. My only complaint is the color choices, there's just way too many!! I just want to buy them all!!! So many great colors to chose from it might take a couple days to make up your mind. Can't wait to turn some heads with these new neon pink microfiber leggings!
By Lycrafanboi on 9/21/2020
I am obsessed with footless tights/leggings. It's hard to find them, especially for plus sizes. These tights are awesome, durable, and available in more colors than I could dream of. So grateful to have found this resource. I will be a client forever.
By Rhoni on 9/3/2020
i really like this online store, they sell tights and leggings and stuff, to be honest its really hard to find cool tights that come on a variety of colors, but they sell them! and the quality seems pretty good, i mean its a little expensive, but probably worth it.
By ai on 6/28/2020
We love colors has great color options and awesome run-free tights, socks, and leotards that are great for cosplay/cosplay armsocks! Unfortunately they have discontinued some of their useful products such as their leggings but they’re a great find!
By Linda on 6/11/2020
Bought some leggings for a skin tight costume. They are perfect. Would recommend
By Scarletknight17 on 6/6/2020
They had a great amount of leggings and tights, I'd like a bit more variety for gloves though. I also think their seamless gloves were too expensive.
By Online Shopper on 5/26/2020
I struggle with finding tights and leggings that fit my size, I'm more curvy than most and it is truly difficult to find the perfect medium for comfort and style but I was recommended by a friend to check this site out and it's my first time so fingers crossed this relationship continues and I can continue to get more tights to my liking
By Stevie on 4/13/2020
I like ordering from here the sizes are good the colors are good
By Dma66 on 4/11/2020
I was searching for some tights to fit with my upcoming costume and We Love Colors had a wide selection of vibrant colors. I found the exact shade of blue I was looking for, and they also have some very cute options for striped leggings. I saw they had professional level leggings for those who need them for preformances which is wonderful if I ever need to come back.
By Em on 4/9/2020
I wanted colored leggings. I found colors with you. Thanks!
By Online Shopper on 2/10/2020
They've got exactly what you need in all shapes, sizes and colors. Their fabric cuts are gorgeous and I use them for all my stretch fabric projects. One of the 1.5 yard tricot cuts makes the PERFECT pair of leggings. I've used lots of items from We Love Colors as basics for my cosplay and Gothic Lolita projects.
By Kat on 2/9/2020
The leggings were too thin when on
By Artist Jackie on 2/6/2020
I haven’t bought or worn stockings/tights/leggings since I was in theatre in middle school so I was a little confused about what different types of stockings/tights were. My friend who has shopped on here before gave me a lot of help and feedback on her previous purchases and I’m very excited. It was also super easy to find and pick my face paints (this order was for a cosplay character) which I am very appreciative of!
By dadfriendcosplay on 1/24/2020
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