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So I just completed my first year as an actor combatant at the New York Renaissance Faire. Tights were part of my costume and they were super comfortable and they looked so wonderful. I also attend renaissance faires as a patron and I have a penchant for historical costuming, so naturally I needed a pair of my own! I just placed my order and I cannot wait to receive my very own pair!
By Brad on 10/21/2018
I love the colors, the fact that they are available in plus size, and I’m excited to try the leggings, which will be more durable than regular tights
By Kay on 11/24/2019
I had an awesome, easy experience with We Love Colors! Can’t wait to get the leggings :)!
By Zeddo on 11/7/2019
I wanted colored leggings. I found colors with you. Thanks!
By Online Shopper on 2/10/2020
They've got exactly what you need in all shapes, sizes and colors. Their fabric cuts are gorgeous and I use them for all my stretch fabric projects. One of the 1.5 yard tricot cuts makes the PERFECT pair of leggings. I've used lots of items from We Love Colors as basics for my cosplay and Gothic Lolita projects.
By Kat on 2/9/2020
The leggings were too thin when on
By Artist Jackie on 2/6/2020
I haven’t bought or worn stockings/tights/leggings since I was in theatre in middle school so I was a little confused about what different types of stockings/tights were. My friend who has shopped on here before gave me a lot of help and feedback on her previous purchases and I’m very excited. It was also super easy to find and pick my face paints (this order was for a cosplay character) which I am very appreciative of!
By dadfriendcosplay on 1/24/2020
I was at SuperCon FL in 2018 when I was gifted a pair of WeLoveColors gloves for my Sailor Moon cosplay and I just love them to death. I'm getting leggings to dye for my Elsa cosplay. Cant wait!
By Elora on 1/4/2020
So far so good. It’s for a costume so I think the leggings are exactly what I need
By Online Shopper on 12/14/2019
These tights were so nice! Thick and soft, almost more like leggings than tights. Colors exactly what I was looking for. Will definitely be buying more in the future!
By Leslie E on 12/2/2019
I was looking for light skin tone tights or leggings since I need to wear a skirt and it's often hard finding my size(5x) and I found them within 10 minutes on the sight and for such a good price! And in time for the event I need them for!
By RinSakka on 11/2/2019
The material on the leggings is super thin almost like stockings. I bought the royal blue leggings and when my daughter put them on you can literally see through them. I’m not in the mood to return them so I’m keeping them but I definitely know what to expect now as far as quality goes.
By Online Shopper on 10/18/2019
I do alot of cosplay and am plus sized, so the variety of colors and sizes is very convenient and helpful since it's hard to find plus sized leggings or tights in stores.
By Noelle on 10/16/2019
I've ordered from We Love Colors before and really loved the quality of the leggings!
By Sara on 10/13/2019
I've bought thigh thighs from here before and I've never had an issue with them falling down. Definitely going here for future purchases. I'm now trying leggings to save from having to use bodypaint for my cosplay as much. The first leggings were a tad too dark so now I'm trying the color I have been suggested to try.
By Fieonexx on 10/10/2019
Could not find the leggings I needed in my size on amazon AT ALL. And then I came here and color where came up and had exactly what I needed. Had more options than I could have imagined in that color, and had my size PLUS even bigger. Was great. Was cheaper than I would have paid for “I guess I will make this work” at lane Bryant or torrid, and should be getting to me pretty fast.
By Natasha on 9/8/2019
I've been looking for affordable, colorful tights (not leggings!) and they're surprisingly difficult to find. We Love Colors had a lot of options at reasonable prices, making them exactly what I was looking for. Once my purchase arrives, I'll try them on and if I like the quality I'll have found my source for most of my tights in the future. Then, if they add fleece lined versions for the winter months it'll be all my future tights.
By Turnip on 8/27/2019
I love We Love Colors because while they do have specific plus size items, most of their products are sized to fit someone up to 250. It’s so annoying when companies seem to exclude people who weigh over 200, and it’s nice to have the pick of most products. They are high quality, are comfortable, and are best of all not exorbitantly priced. The colors are gorgeous and the tights are opaque, and are actually comfortable. I absolutely recommend this brand and commend them for being inclusive. I would love to see ALL their products made for people over 250, including their dance gear. I would also really love to see a line dedicated to creating tights that are designed to look like you are not wearing them. A line of natural opaque skin colors, and even shiny skin toned tights or leggings would be amazing. Perhaps an item that goes over the big toe to allow the natural toes to be visible, or something that has separate slots for each toe?
By FireinmySpine on 8/19/2019
I would bring up that there is this great sight for dancers, leggings. BUT they do change their prices randomly since one morning I checked and it was 18$ and I shared the link to my friend and it went to 21$.
By Mary on 8/14/2019
I finally remembered the site where I got my leggings a few years ago! They have a huge selection of colors, and options for matte or shiny, which I appreciate. I have put on some weight, which is really the only reason I'm buying more - they're really sturdy - so I was pretty happy to see the plus sizes on fat models in the photos. If the fit is good, I'd definitely recommend.
By Online Shopper on 8/9/2019
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