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I love the color and fit of the tights. They go great with clothes.
By ICY on 9/26/2020
I remember seeing this company in some ads on Facebook and loved their inclusive and brightly colored ads. I didn't remember the name of the company so I searched for "plus size tights" and recognized it in the results. I came for a specific color for a costume and bought them. The only hiccup was not knowing what gusset vs panel meant in the size chart.
By Sarah MW on 9/24/2020
If you want some tights check out their site. Click on the shop tab then go to women's tights. Pick a style then color. Some are more opaque than others so check that in the description. They have so many colors so I'm sure you'll find what you want. You can use PayPal or card at checkout.
By Hannah Ducky on 9/23/2020
A large selection of colors in a wide range of sizes. The microfiber tights are my favorite, they are soft and fit well. I wear a size 18-20 (XXL) and i get the 1x-2x. Perfect for cosplay or outfit coordinations!
By Jess on 9/23/2020
I really just wanted some tights to go with outfits I have already ordered and it took me a while to find good quality, opaque tights that have cute colors! And actually I was super surprised to see plus sized tights with a multitude of colors!! Not just black or gray but you even have LILAC!! And it’s expensive but at the same time I want them to last so I hope they do.
By Julie O. on 9/22/2020
The striped tights were exactly the colors I expected and fit well. I will order again from this company.
By Peppa on 9/22/2020
You’ll love it, they have tons of colors, lots of tights and sock options, they’re really quick for shipping usually too. I just sometimes wish they had other patterns for their tights but it’s so so good other than that.
By Ash on 9/22/2020
I've bought a lot of tights and leggings from We Love Color before and I've fallen in love with each pair. I couldn't wait to try another new pair. My only complaint is the color choices, there's just way too many!! I just want to buy them all!!! So many great colors to chose from it might take a couple days to make up your mind. Can't wait to turn some heads with these new neon pink microfiber leggings!
By Lycrafanboi on 9/21/2020
I found this company a few years ago. I was looking for a small company to support instead of buying tights at like Target. I love how inclusive their advertisements were on Instagram, so many body types and women of color shown looking amazing in their products. They did not disappoint. The tights fit perfectly and were so comfortable. They lasted me so long, absolutely my favorite pair to ever own.
By Cakeykasey on 9/21/2020
I found this site by googling for colored tights. I couldn’t believe the assortment and number of colors! The sizes are perfect! I have not yet received the product, but I am very hopeful!
By Darcie13 on 9/21/2020
Love the inclusivity and range of colors. Since this is my first time purchasing tights from y’all, I would like to have more information about how the styles differ. Or even guidance for everyday wear, warmer or cooler days, etc. Also would be super interested in fishnets if they had a solid footbed. Makes wearing longer periods of time much more comfortable.
By Krista on 9/20/2020
I purchased tights from We Love Colors and I made a mistake on the order so I called and i think her name was Amy, she was really helpful and knowledgable and she helped me with my order. Since I received it I decided to order more.
By Nick on 9/19/2020
Experience was fine - love matching my outfits with same color tights
By Lorraine on 9/19/2020
Making gloves has always been a hassle so my friend found this site and i wanted to try it out since I've used the tights in the past and like how sturdy that are and the large array of colors works for everything.
By Light on 9/18/2020
the color selection is great and the quality appears to be excellent I would like periwinkle and an even greater selection of pinks and some sparkly tights (like with glitter) BUT their selection seems great and is the best that I could find
By Susie on 9/17/2020
The website is simple and easy to use. The products are awesome and they are the best cosplay tights I've ever had!!
By Ravensong on 9/17/2020
This is an excellent website! I heard about it from Kelly Kirstein and I had to give it a shot with my steven universe cosplays. Their shop is super convenient, might return for patterned tights in the near future.
By Fizzy on 9/16/2020
I’m disappointed in the footless, plus-size tights. I REALLY wanted to love these and keep ordering, but not was what I had hoped. Such as: 1)they are more like stockings than dance tights, no Lycra. 2)Put them on in the am and they were a good length, with just the right amount of snug. Waist was not rolling down. Happy. By noon, they were doubled in length and stretched completely out. Lot of sag, so pulled them up and came to under my arms! There’s just NO MEMORY in these things! By 5pm, they’ll be wrapped around my neck! 3)The Navy blue that I ordered is more Royal, so won’t match the items that I intended them for. 4)Delivery took extra time due to the fact that they had to be dyed first.
By H. Hall on 9/15/2020
These tights are perfect go to for plus sized cosplayers! They have a multitude of colors and as someone who ALWAYS tips their tights, these tights are pretty durable! The microfiber tights are soft and comfortable. I can wear them all day and not feel constricted. I definitely want a pair in every color!
By Jess on 9/12/2020
This is my first experience buying from this company. It's exceedingly difficult to find tights in my size, so I'm hoping against hope that these will fit and I can get them on!
By vadare1617 on 9/10/2020
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