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Really good experience, website is easy to use. They have a lot of colours of choose from. The colour of gloves I got; the online swatch matches the body paint colour I have in person perfectly so I'm looking forward to seeing how closely the online swatch is similar to how the colour is in person. I'm looking forward to getting my purchase in the mail.
By D on 7/31/2019
I love all the products available, and I'm always happy with the quality of them! The website is pretty easy to navigate, and all the information I wanted was easy to find, like the color chart and what was in stock. Only downside of the website is that it looks a bit outdated, but functionality isn't affected at all by that. I'm always very happy to have the option of paying with PayPal as well!
By Katie on 5/14/2019
Web site was very easy to navigate and to check out. Would highly recommend you to all
By Hen on 11/19/2018
Their prices and color selection was great, I was able to find tights in just the color and size I needed
By Em on 9/30/2018
The website is easy to use. I found what I was looking for right away, and so I made my purchase really quickly. I'm a returning customer and so once again I found exactly what I needed, and it was even on sale. The prices are always great, too.
By Michelle on 9/29/2018
I don't shave my legs so when I wear shorter dresses I often like to cover my legs. We Love Colors offers a great range of plus size tights (and footless tights which are my favorite because they don't seem as prone to bunching up) but I wish there were more options for plus size leggings (they are either nonexistent or sold out every time I check). I love the color guide where I can get a better idea of how the colors will look when I put them on, but it would be nice if they included images to show how they look on nonwhite people, especially to show how the lighter colors might look on black people. The pictures on the site do include many nonwhite models, but this would be one more step that could make shopping more inclusive. The prices seem a little high, but I've found the products hold up pretty well. It especially bothers me that there is a HUGE jump between the price of the straight sizes and the price of the plus sizes. I know that is often beyond the control of a retailer, but it still feels like I'm being punished for the size of my body and makes the shopping experience less enjoyable. Navigating the site, removing items from the cart, and checking out was super easy. I have all my info saved so it just took a few seconds.
By Maggie on 9/18/2018
I absolutely love WeLoveColors. Their products are of a really high quality and the colors are so vibrant!
By Geni on 9/13/2018
i do not have much to say as this is my first purchase.
By Sweetpea on 1/13/2020
Good selection of products and colors. I like that colors are consistent across products, closely match the sample squares, and that each product had pictures for every color available. I only wish more mesh products were available, like gloves and shirts.
By Meghan on 11/29/2019
They have an amazing selection of colors, and they have different styles too! They have multiple designs, including stripes. Trust me if you want colorful tights, you should buy them at We Love Colors.
By Honeybee on 3/15/2020
I love the quality of there tights, this is my fourth order from them in total and I have bee very happy with all of my past purchases from them. I use them for cosplay and they have held up through 12+ hours at a convention. I do wish that they started to increase the color selection, but as of right now it is still very good.
By Courtney on 3/13/2020
I was ordering some tights for my cosplay and while I could choose plus size and the color I couldn't also add women's so there were more items on the page than I needed, but once I found what I needed it was really easy to decide my size and order. I will absolutely be ordering again for my needs. They even have really cute patterns that I'll have to check out.
I would absolutely recommend we love colors to all men seeking for high-quality tights. Great for basketball, warmth, comfort, athletics, style, etc. The comfort of the tights is outstanding. I now have multiple pairs as I try their different styles and have been impressed with every one.
By Kevin on 3/13/2020
Im happy with my purchase. i always buy tights for cosplay from her ean dits super easy.
By Jaimy on 3/11/2020
It’s hard to find made in USA tights with many different colors. The price point is affordable. However, that’s not my priority. I more care about THE QUALITY. I’m hoping someone could make a good quality color tights that doesn’t hurt the environment.
By go green on 3/11/2020
I really like the size inclusivity, the ease of finding a sizing chart and the variety of colors. These tights were recommended in a newsletter I read. I thought the shopping experience was great.
By Samantha on 3/11/2020
I was able to clearly navigate by color which was nice and there was a guide to match the color of the tights and bodysuit to face paint colors. The color face paint I am using was not on the list, but I was able to get an idea of what the real product will look like.
By Anna Margaret on 3/10/2020
More photos of the different colours, plut a better description of what is the difference between the two material choices for the tights. Perhaps a close up of both fabrics ?
By kjkkhjlk on 3/10/2020
i have ordered from we love colors before and the microfiber tights are the most comfortable hosiery i have ever owned
By me on 3/9/2020
The shopping experience is very user friendly and informative. I love that they provide a description of the material and finish for tights too. It’s so nice to see the color variety and the attention to detail the company has on their website. This really made my first time shopping with WLC a worry free experience! I’m so excited to receive my first order from them!
By Monica on 3/8/2020
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