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Cute plus size tights in a variety of fun colors. Seems odd that some tights are dyed in house though. Ive never heard of that.
By Sammy on 10/13/2020
The first time I ordered the pack of 50 loops (tights), I was very happy with my order. They were exactly what I needed to make face masks. The second time, the loops were much thinner & already stretched - not great quality. I don't know if I'll order them again.
By Lisa D. on 10/13/2020
I love your products. I love that I can get so many colors in my size (plus size). I feel the waist elastic was a bit tight on the 4x tights I purchased. I can wear them, it is a bit snug to get them over my hips.
By Bobbi on 10/12/2020
I have been a customer for about 10 years! I have never had an issue with the products or the company. They have tights in every colour you can think of. The tights aren’t exactly cheap but totally worthwhile given the quality and the fact that it is the only place I know you can get all those colours. I live in Australia and the shipping charge adds a lot to the cost and because of that I buy less frequently and in larger quantities.
By vivi on 10/11/2020
The colors are great. I would order one size up as they hug the leg. I would say they are more like tights than leggings but opaque enough to wear as leggings, which I am doing. I just ordered 4 more pairs in different colors. The colors offered can't be beat, the price is good and the shipping cost is very fair.
By downtown on 10/10/2020
I just love your colours. No one has footless tights in these glorious colours.
By Online Shopper on 10/9/2020
I ordered fuchsia tights and they were a completely different color than the website
By Meg on 10/9/2020
I just got some new arm socks to match my tights for my cosplay. They're not going to get here in time for the photoshoot Monday, but I'm still pretty excited.
By Fern on 10/8/2020
Wonderful large selection of colored tights for all occasions. Purchasing to match my wedding dress.
By beccalecca on 10/8/2020
The quality of the items I purchased were amazing. I ordered some plus size tights and they fit perfectly and the shipping was right on time. I will be ordering more in the future!
By Amber on 10/8/2020
Best tights ever.
By Meemee on 10/7/2020
I would definitely recommend they have tights in every colour and style not to mention they have plus size options with is always awesome.
By Peaches on 10/6/2020
My ordinary online store only carries one color is striped plus size tights, and were all out. I found We Love Colors on my first Google entry and fell in love. So many colors, so many stipped option, multiple plus sizes avaliable. I was so excited to find this website! It will be highly recommended and I will be shopping here again.
By HoneyBee77 on 10/6/2020
I found this company online when someone compared one of the colors of their tights to a specific Mehron color makeup I have for a costume. The review took the guess work out of the picture for me. I’m happy to see there are so many color options, it’s honestly incredible. I wish there was a little more information listed when comparing different levels of tights, because in that department I was a bit unsure of what I needed. But I look forward to my purchase and I will be most certainly be back for more.
By Creesh on 10/6/2020
I'm a little disappointed there aren't more options for taller shoppers, especially in the highs, but the tights will definitely meet my needs.
By Erika on 10/6/2020
I love that I can match my makeup so easily to my tights!
By Kenzie on 10/4/2020
I needed tights for a fairy costume I'm planing to make, so of course I went back to We Love Colors because they make tights that actually fit plus size me, and the tights are actually opec! Also the prices are very reasonable and they got to me so fast I haven't even gotten a chance to make the outfit they are for yet! Can't wait to use them!
By Cayachan on 10/3/2020
Today I was looking opaque tights, Kelly green on EBAY, mostly was one fit most. Meaning they would not fit a plus size woman. So I went to Amazon, that’s when I saw your brand, lucky for me I decided to visit your website, I saved $7 instead of paying $25 Amazon.
By JeffStarr on 10/3/2020
We've always bought tights(pantyhose) from We Love Colors ever since I can remember. The color selection is just great and shipping is inexpensive and always on time. All our friends ask where we get the colors we wear.
By Always Pleased on 10/2/2020
They have an excellent assortment of colors to choose from, plus a super intuitive guide to using their tights to make arm socks for cosplay! Much easier than hunting around on Amazon for gloves that may or may not fit.
By Dee on 10/2/2020
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