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Best selection of colored tights in various sizes, it's my go to for matching my Disney dresses. Prices are reasonable and shipping is relatively quick.
By Liza on 2/18/2020
I would recommend we love colors for any fashion needs for colored tights. I would also recommend for any cosplayer needing odd colors for skin types. I myself is using a leotard in maroon and light pink and white tights for pink diamond from steven universe!
By TwickyFox on 2/18/2020
I've had hard time finding tights that will fit me that weren't way overpriced and even then there wasn't a very good selection. We Love Colors has so many options and sizes that fit me comfortably. The site was easy to navigate and being able to buy cute tights has upped my self-esteem so much! I look forward to buying more tights and maybe even trying some other sock options. With fair prices i'm happy to give We Love Colors my business and will definitely be buying from here again in the near future!
By Panda on 2/17/2020
I always recommend them. The colors are vibrant, the quality is top. I have some that I’ve owned for over three years. These tights have become synonymous with my personality and style.
By Sharkbait207 on 2/17/2020
We Love Colors is truly a great brand. They offer high quality products at a affordable price in every color and style tog could need. The website is really easy to maneuver around and overall it was an easy experience. I found out about We Love Colors through different online Cosplayers such as Kelly Kirstine, and many others. I highly recommend using them for colored tights and other things.
By radicallyaveragecosplays on 2/16/2020
Its nice to finally find hosiery products that are available in my size. I would appreciate better options in regards to thigh highs and things other than tights for plus size people. Straight sizes always have more, and plus size folks just have to deal with the scraps we're given.
By Alixanderia on 2/15/2020
Easy shopping, checkout, and fantastic prices for the quality! I really can't wait to get my tights!
By Courtney Lynn on 2/14/2020
I've ordered tights and armsocks from We Love Colors and cannot recommend them enough! The tights are comfortable and the colors are super sharp. The armsocks are a LIFESAVER for cosplays with bodypaint!
By Charlie on 2/14/2020
This is honestly the best site for not only cosplay advice but for well made and quality tights for both your legs and arms! And the site is so clean and well made it's easy to find what you're looking for.
By Robin on 2/13/2020
It seems the men’s performance tights have got thicker and that’s great!!
By pacer on 2/13/2020
Love the way the tights fit
By Nyx on 2/11/2020
I absolutely love the selection on We Love Colors. I usually never find tights that fit my legs, let alone in fun colors, and I've never been disappointed by the color or quality of these tights. I've definitely put my many tights through the wringer through shoeless escapades and long, activity full days of wearing tights and still, these tights hold true and never run.
By Hope on 2/9/2020
The tights I was looking for that I had been having a difficult time finding in my size were available here. Being a larger size and trying to find pastel tights is not easy and they were needed for a cosplay and after looking at this sight I found them in no time, this will definitely be my go to for any specialized colored tights I need.
By Amber on 2/9/2020
I would definitely recommend We Love Colors. As a cosplayer it is really awesome to see so many colors in the selections! Would definitely recommend other cosplay friends looking for arm socks or tights.
By Moe on 2/9/2020
These tights fit perfect and the color was perfect and I would recommend we love colors for tights for sure
By Online Shopper on 2/9/2020
Just ordered my tights and leotard and I’m super excited! The process was very easy and can’t wait to order more from this merchant!
By Online Shopper on 2/9/2020
I came to this sight looking for an alternative to body paint for a cosplay. I like the material their pieces are made of and the huge color selection. I'm a little scared for the quality but we'll see what it's like when it gets here. I didn't like that there were no pictures to go with the reviews since it helps when buying clothes online. $20 for a pair of tights is steel for me but if it fits my hips I will be very satisfied and more likely to buy from them again.
By Online Shopper on 2/8/2020
I love the color selection of tights, and how all the colors can be striped with black or white! I wish I could mix and match the colors to stripe together, though, like brown and purple stripes or green and turquoise.... I have bought so many tights from we love colors over the years and recommend to friends often.
By Jam on 2/8/2020
I received an email that offered 10% off my next purchase. I needed to replace the tights I use for my costume and thought this would be a good time to order.
By Heyothejester on 2/7/2020
I’m ordering new tights for my Jasper cosplay since my old ones are a little snug and I messed Up painting them. I’m excited for these new tights which I’ll turn into arm sleeves. They have so many color options and are high quality
By Beauty Stitch on 2/4/2020
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