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I have seen a lot of we love colors products through many cosplayers I follow on Instagram. I like to see that the products are used a lot and look great in photoshoots. I cannot wait to shoot in these products.

By Ciara on 3/5/2018

I would recommend this site because I need a variety of colors since I am a plus size woman. Fast service and variety is what I need and stores in my town do not carry any variety at all.

By JanL on 4/1/2018

I'm so excited to see that there are multiple color options available in plus size. If these go well, I'll be restocking my stocking drawer. Just because you're tall and curved doesn't mean you want to wear black sackcloth all the time. Fun is good!

By Victoria on 3/22/2018

WeLoveColors is THE place to go for Homestuck cosplay, as their "light gray" color perfectly matches Ben Nye's gray theatrical makeup. If you do not want to paint your entire legs and arms gray and spend your time at a con smearing greasy makeup on everything and everyone around you, just buy their tights and matching nylon gloves in light grey, and it will look awesome in photos. I remember back in the old days it was a rite of passage spending hours making "armsocks" out of a pair of your tights, basically wearing them over your head and on your arms and painstakingly sewing it around your fingers to make perfect form-fitting gloves, thank God you guys actually sell gloves now! The newcomers don't know how easy they have it!

By K on 3/31/2018

The products are high quality and I love the size range.

By Tehtech on 3/31/2018


By Online Shopper on 3/31/2018

I was pleased with my experience, there were lots of colors to choose from, and the prices were affordable.

By love on 3/28/2018

Navigation on the site was a little limited, especially when in the my account section.

By Alexandra on 4/11/2018

I love the various colors that I am unable to find elsewhere. Yet I've only worn one of the tights twice and it already has a long run in it despite that I was very careful when putting them on. It makes me hesitant to reorder from you.

By Online Shopper on 4/10/2018

I love the tights that I buy from We Love Colors! Perfect for my fairy-like style.

By Online Shopper on 4/10/2018

Thank's Your's Very Much.

By Sepi on 4/9/2018

They have what I needed , great prices and were recommended to me by a friend.

By Online Shopper on 4/9/2018

I love the matte leggings and hope that you reconsider discontinuing them. I love the colors I got this time and am sad that I won't be able to get more in the future.

By Online Shopper on 4/9/2018

The thigh high socks are great and since I am 5ft tall the socks are the length of my leg which is great actually. The knee hush socks just need some simple body tape to stay put. I am satisfied with my order and plan to order again.

By Online Shopper on 4/8/2018

This is my first time using the site and thus far I like it. The website was easy to navigate and not too harsh on the eyes like some websites can be. Once I see how my product looks when it arrives I'll decide if I'll shop here again in the future.

By Trish on 3/29/2018

a "how to measure" size chart would be wonderful, as well as a listing of what each item is made out of specifically on the item (i was trying to match the fabrics of my tights and leotard and found it difficult)

By Ghosty on 4/8/2018

I saw in you hosiery’s that you don’t carry tall’s l’m about 186 and 5’10 inches I didn’t see my size you have nice colors are we over looked

By BklynBlackKat on 4/8/2018

I am a theatre teacher and am using these tights in a play. We used your service for a play last year and your tights were AMAZING!!! My play opens the week of the I’m hoping they get here in time.

By Ricky on 4/7/2018

I have bought a large amount of tights from we love colors in the past and have gotten great customer service and quality tights.

By Heather on 4/7/2018

Love the tights from here. Especially since you have plus size option.

By Koizumi Chan on 4/6/2018