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The site could use an update in its graphic design, but I was able to find what I need quickly and checked out super easily. But while I had the tights in my cart, the price went up a dollar? It isn't a big deal, I think it just might've been because it's fal and it's tights season and all that. I'm so excited to get my order!
By Rose on 11/11/2018
im very excited to purchase these tights! My friend recommended them to me
By Megan on 11/4/2018
I'm a costumer fitting multiple size dancers for a production of Shrek!...customer service agent Ted was very helpful finding the right selection for a tall thin athlete/dancer!
By Kerry on 10/11/2018
this store has every color of tights, except maybe electric blue, but they are all total eye candy and far exceed the wearing life of any colored tights you might get from a party store or big box shopping center.
By Ellie on 10/7/2018
As the name suggests, the color options at We Love Colors are absolutely phenomenal and better than I have ever seen anywhere else! So many options for style, size, texture, and pattern, and for such a reasonable price, that it is a must-have for anyone with a fun or quirky fashion sense, such as myself. I definitely see myself making future purchases here because their products are things that you just genuinely cannot find anywhere else. Their dedication to being plus size inclusive is also incredibly admirable and accessible for all types of customers.
By Jada on 9/29/2018
The color selection is AMAZING and the quality is really good for the price. Way better than what I've experienced on Amazon.
By Beth on 9/27/2018
OMG It was awesome i found the color stripped tights i needed to finish my halloween costume
By kat on 9/27/2018
It was difficult to navigate from the cart to the site again and continue shopping as I didn’t want to click back
By Chel on 9/21/2018
I was so happy to see beautiful vibrant colors for plus size tights. I plan on ordering several more pairs!
By Jenn on 9/15/2018
The rights are always such good quality that I never feel tempted to purchase any from anywhere else! Lots of colors and patterns, and the shipping is super fast. Definitely a company I promote whenever I can. I've been buying tights from welovecolors periodically over several years, and I expect I will for several more.
By Sam on 9/14/2018
We Love Colors has an easy to use interface, the color guide and size charts are easy to find and show the products in lighting that make the colors CLEAR. I've ordered from them before for multiple costumes and never been disappointed. The prices are fair and the shipping is quick and reasonably priced. I always recommend it to people when costuming and I will continue to do so! Not sure how I found this page but I love it.
By elise on 9/12/2018
I am part of a dance troupe themed around the rainbow. The part that I play is specifically pastel green and each member of the troupe was directed to this site to purchase tights for legwear and to be cut into boleros to cover our arms. I ordered a pair of Mint Green and a pair of Dusty green, as well as a pair of the currently discontinued spandex shorts in dusty green. I feel that the photos on the color swatch and the photos in the Color Guide both mismatched the "dusty green" very significantly. I received multiple comments on getting blue instead of green, and in my photos and in person the "dusty green" is very blue and the "mint" has much more of a yellow "pastel lime" tone than in online photos: viewed from my laptop, tablet, and phone to account for monitor setting differences. I contacted customer service about my disapointment with the color selection and the response was to suggest I buy a $25 box of assorted flawed tights if I wanted to cut and wear them as boleros. I was a little offended and definitely felt unheard. I needed a few pairs of very specific colors and felt that the needs were not met sufficiently. Ultimately I'm back to get more lime green """""mint"""" tights because unfortunately performing outdoors wears hard on the delicate fabrics. I WISH they actually had a color that was what "dusty green" was meant to be instead of BLUE.
By Erin H on 8/21/2018
I really like We Love Colors! I am a cosplayer and always go to their site if I need to do a cosplay with body paint (so I don't have to paint my legs, or can use the tights to make gloves for my arms). They also have a lot of patterns that aren't solid colors. Their selection is pretty impressive and I like their wide range of color hues. Their prices are very reasonable and their items ship very quickly. Overall, if you need tights for anything, I would definitely go to We Love Colors.
By Kris on 8/15/2018
Always fit! Always the correct color! Always unusual! Always COLOR!
By Molly on 7/29/2018
I love this site because of the variety. It's hard to find tights with a specific color needed at retail stores. Whether it's for a special occasion, cosplay, or for fun this site has a lot to offer. I like the ease of navigating the site and choosing the correct size provided through the chart.
By Jenny on 7/28/2018
Another cosplayer suggested this website to me. The tights are supposed to be great for making armsleeves with. Check it out! It's really affordable and it was easy to find exactly what I needed.
By Elise on 7/19/2018
I love colourful tights! They are so much fun! I was thinking of you guys during the quarantine, hoping your company was doing alright. As soon as I received my stimulus check, I knew I was going to spend some of it on your tights!
By CJK on 4/27/2020
I love colourful tights! They are so much fun! I was thinking of you guys during the quarantine, hoping your company was doing alright. As soon as I received my stimulus check, I knew I was going to spend some of it on your tights!
By CJK on 4/27/2020
Im happy with my purchase. i always buy tights for cosplay from her ean dits super easy.
By Jaimy on 3/11/2020
More photos of the different colours, plut a better description of what is the difference between the two material choices for the tights. Perhaps a close up of both fabrics ?
By kjkkhjlk on 3/10/2020
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