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Easy to use. Good prices. Various colors!
By Bre on 1/28/2019
Pretty much every color under the sun, excited to get mine and try them out!
By Nicole on 1/17/2019
I bought pink tights from WLC before and they worked very well. I've worn them to 5 anime conventions and they've held up in all weather, in sun, rain, and snow. I can't find the right color anywhere else and the service is fast. I love keeping up on the WLC instagram and tagging them when I use the tights. I recommend them to anyone cosplaying a character with a fun skin color!
By Claire on 1/14/2019
I noticed cosplayers who used these products and saw good-looking results. I was happy to find that the product was affordable and am excited to try it myself!
By Max on 12/27/2018
I would definitely recommend this site. There are great products that aren't easily found in stores and they are not too expensive. I love to buy things from here. It's great to find tights that will fit me. I'm tall and not tiny (but not giant either), and many times store bought tights are "one size fits all" and they are actually too short for me. Also I love that there are 51 colors. I like wearing bright colors, but also sometimes I need to look serious or professional and the darker or muted colors are great for that. It's good to have different prices too, so if you just want some tights or something that you may only wear once of twice for a costume, you will only pay about $10. But if you want something more "fancy" to wear over and over, you could buy a more expensive option. The shipping is fast and easy and not too expensive. Even though one of my items was not in stock, it will still ship very quickly (just a few days later). Overall I'm very satisfied.
By Erin on 12/27/2018
We love colors is highly recommend among cosplayers and I am super happy to start my cosplay journey using their tights! Anytime my friend needs high quality tights I will definately recommend them :)
By Zoe on 12/10/2018
I found exactly what I wanted, the colors and size. Price was good as well.
By Barb on 12/10/2018
The products are wonderful and fit all the costumes which I use.
By Paul W on 12/6/2018
This is my favorite place to look for quality tights and leggings in a variety of sizes and opacities. I would prefer that there are pictures of every color tights/item on a model and in a few different poses. I also feel the website could use an update as it feels dated.
By Shea on 12/2/2018
I wish sizing were easier to understand, especially around how to find tights for tall people.
By adam on 12/1/2018
I was very happy to find the colour of tights that I was looking for as it was almost non-existent elsewhere.
By estelle on 12/1/2018
We love colors has a great selection of colors to choose from. Lots of different categories to pick from too.
By Jo on 11/24/2018
The site could use an update in its graphic design, but I was able to find what I need quickly and checked out super easily. But while I had the tights in my cart, the price went up a dollar? It isn't a big deal, I think it just might've been because it's fal and it's tights season and all that. I'm so excited to get my order!
By Rose on 11/11/2018
im very excited to purchase these tights! My friend recommended them to me
By Megan on 11/4/2018
I'm a costumer fitting multiple size dancers for a production of Shrek!...customer service agent Ted was very helpful finding the right selection for a tall thin athlete/dancer!
By Kerry on 10/11/2018
this store has every color of tights, except maybe electric blue, but they are all total eye candy and far exceed the wearing life of any colored tights you might get from a party store or big box shopping center.
By Ellie on 10/7/2018
I recently ordered black tights from here just to try them out, and they've been great! I believe tights can/should be worn by anyone and it's nice to see a company that supports that and is affordable too!
By John on 9/30/2018
As the name suggests, the color options at We Love Colors are absolutely phenomenal and better than I have ever seen anywhere else! So many options for style, size, texture, and pattern, and for such a reasonable price, that it is a must-have for anyone with a fun or quirky fashion sense, such as myself. I definitely see myself making future purchases here because their products are things that you just genuinely cannot find anywhere else. Their dedication to being plus size inclusive is also incredibly admirable and accessible for all types of customers.
By Jada on 9/29/2018
OMG It was awesome i found the color stripped tights i needed to finish my halloween costume
By kat on 9/27/2018
The color selection is AMAZING and the quality is really good for the price. Way better than what I've experienced on Amazon.
By Beth on 9/27/2018