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I first found out about you guys two years ago looking for tights to wear for my blue pearl costume, now every time i have to paint myself i make sure to buy from you guys! They are really comfortable tights and the arm socks allow you to not paint your arms or legs which is usually a hassle for me. I recommend buying from them 100%
By Bry on 6/17/2020
I love colourful tights! They are so much fun! I was thinking of you guys during the quarantine, hoping your company was doing alright. As soon as I received my stimulus check, I knew I was going to spend some of it on your tights!
By CJK on 4/27/2020
Im happy with my purchase. i always buy tights for cosplay from her ean dits super easy.
By Jaimy on 3/11/2020
All my closest friends can now finish the sentence when they ask,”where did you get those(tights,leotards,shoelaces,etc.)? Oh, of course, you go to we love colors!” I’ve given out this company name so many times, friends have stopped asking me.
By Lindylou on 3/5/2020
This was first time purchased tights on line an from We Love Colors. The footless tights are great, they stay in place plus look good. Plan to purchase more tights in the future.
By Andy G on 3/3/2020
I love that we love colors have matte gloves now! It is so great to have that option for cosplay purposes!
By Midori on 2/23/2020
This is the only place I buy hose any more. The colors and sizing are wonderful.
By Online Shopper on 1/31/2020
The fit of these tights is remarkably good. The feel, the color, all are terrific! I do purchase the highest quality...simply because they feel so good, and fit without bags or wrinkles. They also wear so well... The color selections are wonderful
By LittleBun on 1/27/2020
Great for costimes!
By Dede on 1/21/2020
I found some tights in a lot of colors. Good for costumes.
By Mika on 11/28/2019
I loved the many color selections and styles available and the sizing chart was easy to view. Some styles/colors were just a graphic design instead of a real photo. I wished there was a real photo for every color/style available. Checkout was very easy, shipping was quick and affordable.
By Online Shopper on 11/15/2019
I was struggling to sew my own hand gloves so it was such a relief to find the perfect color in the new gloves you brought out recently. The only thing I wished if it was a bit cheaper, but if it is good quality it will be heavily worth it. I will have to buy some more in different colors with my following paychecks. I have already recommend you guys to multiple of my friends which have all bought products!
By Jordan on 11/3/2019
I always buy my tights from We love Color. They fit well are well made and durable. Best ever!
By Tattoorn on 10/13/2019
Perfect for any kind of cosplay in replacement of body paint.
By Em on 8/19/2019
My initial selections were colors that were unavailable -- part of a discontinuing line for which many colors seem to've sold out. I think I found a comparable product in the same colors.
By c on 4/2/2019
We love colors has the largest variety of colored tights. The website is intuitive and everything is easy to see. The prices are good for the quality you receive.
By Christina on 3/21/2019
These tights are perfect for what I need them for. They are very comfortable, as well as opaque. I reccomend them over cheaper options because the quality is higher and they don't get runs as often. I've probably bought at least ten pairs over the last few years.
By Marina on 3/12/2019
If you are looking for beautiful colors and great service, We Love Colors is a great place with lots of different things for you. I use them to make my arms socks and the colors are all something I want to have.
By Kei on 2/12/2019
I love we love colors, they have the best quality tights for all my cosplay needs.
By liz on 2/8/2019
I have had many friends highly recommend the products from We Love Colors and I am very much looking forward to my purchase.
By Rica on 2/3/2019