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Legs by Mendoza Weiss

We got an email from the young photographer Gabriel Mendoza, aka Mendoza Weiss sharing with us some of his work using We Love Colors thigh highs and bodysuits and thanking us in his words for our “rad leggings and bodysuits

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Magical places combined with The Art of Ballet Photo Series

Three minutes with the Miami based photographer Codis, Inspired by We Love Colors. WLC: How long have you been a photographer? Codis: I’ve been shooting for about 20 years, I started playing with film when I was 14, and my professional career began ...

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A Sense of Hue by Julieta Romina

We found Julieta Romina via Instagram few months ago, her unique way to see the world and her attention to little details called our attention and made us contact her to build this project together

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Arm-Socks and Costuming: Re-using Imperfect Tights in a Perfectly Practical Way

“I started by utilizing We Love Color’s shoulder gloves to avoid painting arms. I then found making arm socks out of the solid color tights looked more realistic

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Living Street Art by Alexa Meade

Alexa Meade is a truly unique artist, originally from Maryland. She took art classes as a teenager, but hasn't touched a traditional canvas in years

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Xabier Perez Inspired By We Love Colors

As part of the "Inspired By" project we are open to any art / creative collaborations with different artists

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Patterns by La Web de Madagascar

We met Carolina, from La Web de Madagascar over a year ago. We talked about art, life, music and nonsense things from everyday life

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Llegodoy, Inspired by We Love Colors

Normally when you see a picture from Llegodoy, you will see art. Conceptual desaturated images, serious models, interesting frames

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Embroidery Pictures - Art by Style Marmalade

We have been following Victoria's work for a while now, weeks ago we talked to her about our Inspired By Project and we offer her this space to share her artwork