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Tightbomb Bicycle

Charlotte Hager is originally from Georgia, but is now located in Baltimore where she works in reproductive health and actively pursues her passion of the arts

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The Vortex Tunnel by Caroline Geys

Caroline Geys was born in Belgium and surrounded by artists for as long as she can remember. She has dabbled and experimented with many different mediums during her career, and recently collaborated with other artists to create something unlike an ...

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Patchwork Girl Cosplay

Sierra Decordova is a cosplayer in Miramar, Florida. When she was planning her outfit for Ultra Con, she needed a pair of tights and a friend recommended We Love Colors to her

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Splash Color Painting by Charlotte Hager

We're always thrilled when artists are inspired by our products. Many times the artist will use the physical product in their art, but this time we're excited to share Charlotte Hager's work which was inspired by one of our pairs of splash colored ti ...

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Sculptural Installation in New York by Judy Thomas, Matrix: Renewal

We asked the artist Judy Thomas about her Matrix:Renewal Project, and how she used We Love Colors tights in this Sculptural Installation