Holiday Cheer with Buddy the Elf and Tights

The story of Buddy the Elf resonates with many of us in that we often may not feel as if we fit in and in doing so in our journey to find ourselves, we find so much more along the way!  We love that our colors can help portray this character in a fun light and re-create scenes from the original production of Buddy the Elf played originally by Will Ferrell.  

Meet Blake or @thereal_buddytheelf_hobbs on Instagram, a real life elf and among being featured in many articles in his hometown, he spreads cheer and joy through his recreation of Buddy the Elf, marathon running, and giving back within the community.  While wearing our Style# 1061 Performance Tights, he can focus on the important part, having fun, and not so much on the wardrobe. 

Available in all of our 50+ colors over at, you too can spread cheer throughout with color whether you are spreading cheer, dancing, or running a marathon, we have you covered.  These opaque tights are meant to be worn alone and made with durability to last!

1Style1061 Gold 2X Buddytheelf

Flat lay example of Blake's Buddy the Elf Costume, a simple look with a big impact.  All pictures provided by Blake.