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Inside Cosplay Caleigh

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Welcome to another edition of Inside Cosplay. We are very excited to get you closer to your favorite cosplayers and get to hear what motivates them, how they started on this community or take a peek into their upcoming plans. Get comfortable a read more about Caleigh Allen @caleighallen below.

WLC: Do you have a cosplay origin story?
Caleigh: I began cosplaying around 2010! Almost 9 years! I can’t believe it, haha. Disney was my first outlet for realizing that “dressing up” could be a fun community activity! I began cosplaying Disney princesses mostly and branched out into Sailor Moon and then beyond!

WLC: What character or costume are you most proud of?
Caleigh: The costume I worked the hardest on is probably my pink Belle dress! But my favorite cosplay is honestly any version of Anastasia! I’ve done four so far! I can’t wait to do them all!

WLC: Do you think cosplay has changed you as a person?
Caleigh: Absolutely! It taught me to work hard to achieve my goals artistically. It also taught me to bridge out and connect with people who have similar interests and what a treasure that can be.

WLC: Do you have any advice for people who are just beginning to pursue cosplay?
Caleigh: Do what makes YOU happy! Don’t do it for the followers or to fit in. Find your own personal joy in it!

WLC: What is your favorite part of the cosplay process?
Caleigh: Brainstorming with my friends, haha! Sometimes being in the cosplay is fun, but honestly, sometimes it’s stressful. LOL.

WLC: What challenges have you faced as a cosplayer?
Caleigh: It’s often hard to articulate a character who is a cartoon into real life. How does their hair do that? How do their clothes stay on? HOW DO I MAKE THAT??

WLC: Do you have any big plans for 2019?
Caleigh: My #2019ANIMECHALLENGE! I plan to watch animes I haven’t seen and do a Closet Cosplay (thrown together) of each. Could I reach 100??? That would be epic!

WLC: What puts We Love Colors ahead of other brands?
Caleigh: Y’all provide such excellent products in such an array of colors! I love working with all the different styles. Color is so important in cosplay and you guys always have exactly what I need!

WLC: What types of costumes have you used We Love Colors products in?
Caleigh: I’ve used them in my Sailor Moon, Cheetara, and Steven Universe cosplays!

Photography Credits
Cheetara: Marlon David Photography
Swan Princess: Photography by Aimee
Mt. Lady: World of Gwendana
Sailor Moon: Patrick Sun
Yellow Pearl: Rogue Faun Photography

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Connect with Caleigh here. Interview by Amanda Johnson for We Love Colors.