We Love Colors and Fishnets

We Love Colors Fishnets

Using texture + color to express your personal style can be so much fun! It’s no secret that we love creating over 50+ beautifully unique (just like you!) colors to help people all over the world create outfits, costumes, uniforms, cosplays, street styles, and more! While many are already fans of our full lengths tights we want to share with you the fishnet styles we offer which offer a whole new world of creative possibilities.

Style# 1401 : Nylon/Lycra Fishnets

Our Style# 1401 are the fishnet style with the smallest net we offer. These tights are made from a soft blend of 90% nylon and 10% spandex which make them comfortable enough for all day or night wear. These are come in One Size since the spandex element of these tight give them a unique quality and ability to stretch perfectly to fit your body. We also offer the Plus Size version under the Style# 1404. These fishnets have a ¾” thick elastic band that securing holds the fishnets up without being constricting. This style does not have a closed toe and the foot is finished at the end with a subtle seam. Which other fishnets may rip or snag easily, the high quality knitting of this style makes them easy to put on and remove time and time again without damaging the tights.

Get inspired by Schon Magazine’s use of our Style# 1401 here

Style# 1403: Wide Mesh Fishnets

Like, our Style# 1401 these fishnets are made from a soft yet durable blend of 95% nylon and 5% spandex. They also have a ¾” elastic band waist and come in One Size with the right amount of stretch to fit the form of your body’s shape. This style though, has a wider, medium sized diamond. The toe on this style is closed at the end with 1” of nylon fabric which seamlessly matches the color of the tights.

See how our Style# 1403 was used by fashion designer, Anna Sui for her Fall/Winter 2018 runway show during NYFW here

Style# 1405: Diamond Net Fishnets

This style features the largest net we offer in our fishnets. Style# 1405 is made from 90% nylon and 10% spandex. This style also has the same comfortable ¾” elastic band and the toe of this style is open, without a solid closure at the end. This style also comes in One Size. Given the larger diamond of this style, a bit of extra care is needed when handling the tights to ensure they do not tangle. While we often recommend our tights be hand washed, we highly recommend it for this style to ensure they last for many wears. This style is loved by dance teams and performers as the large diamond is easily visible even from away.

Fashion Brand Area used them for their Fall/Winter show during NYFW adding rhinestones, they came out really cool! Look at the runway pictures here.

Style# 1451: Lurex Glitter Fishnets

Like a mini celebration for your legs, our Style# 1451 looks pretty much like our Style # 1401 but with the addition of silver glitter, and hey! who doesn’t want so sparkles in their life. It’s made of 90% nylon, 5% spandex, 5% lurex. These fishnets have the same elastic band as our other styles and has the same knit from waist to toe, finished with a subtle seam. Available, in all of our 50 solid colors, the silver glitter may appear brighter or darker depending on the shade chosen. For example, the silver glitter will show up more on darker colors versus lighter shades. This style is a favorite among stylists and celebrities! Sarah Jessica Parker loves her Lurex Glitter Fishnets in Black, look how she styled them here.

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