Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas

harley quinn red and blue boy shorts and black fishnets

Hello, friends!

We hope you all are enjoying the first days of Fall. With Halloween right around the corner,it’s time to start planning your costume.

Need inspiration? We’ve got you covered. Here are our top 10 Halloween costume ideas. Learn how to create each of these costumes yourself by watching our super easy DIY videos.

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1. Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

harley quinn red and blue boy shorts and black fishnets

How To Make Harley Quinn’s Shirt and Choker:

How To Create Harley Quinn’s Makeup:

2. Lady Deadpool

Lady Deadpool Scarlet Red Black Shoulder Gloves Unitard

3. Donna Troy from Teen Titans

Donna Troy Scarlet Red Halter Dress Gold Imperfect Tights

4. Mystique from X-Men

Mystique Royal Blue Tights White Leotard Fabric Imperfect Tights

5. Jean Grey from X-Men

Jean Grey Kelly Green Unitard Gold Shoulder Gloves Imperfect Tights Web

6. Rey from Star Wars

Rey Star Wars Light Tan Leotard Imperfect Tights

7. Jesse from Pokemon Team Rocket

Jesse Pokemon Team Rocket Black Shoulder Gloves Web

8. Pokemon Go Trainer

Pokemon Go Trainer Royal Unitard Web

9. Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon

Sailor Venus Sailor Moon Gold Fabric Imperfect Tights Web.

10. Raven from Teen Titans

Raven Royal Fabric Teen Titans

Let us know in the comments section which of our top 10 Halloween costumes you like the best!

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