DIY halloween Costumes

This year we wanted to make the costumes ourselves. So we got We Love Colors items, scissors, glue, thread and this is what happened. Join our annual Halloween Costume Contest and win over $1000 in prizes.
For Elektra costume we used a scarlet red tank leotard and we cut one side. We used imperfect tights to tie around her arms, legs and head. Also we used them as belt and as boot covers. We found the swords on ebay, we cover the handles also with imperfect tights and painted over with black paint to make them look old and used. 

The wig is Le Tigre in black from Arda Wigs. 
Model : Gina Cosette 
Make Up: G4E
This is one is Lady Legasus from Teen Titans. She has light gray skin so instead of body painting her arms and legs we used light gray We Love Colors tights and just used paint for the face to match the light gray. Also we got a yellow turtleneck leotard and cut out the sleeves, we hand painted the logo. 
Wearing shoulder gloves in yellow. 

The wig is Adam in dark Lavander from Arda Wigs. 
Make Up: G4E

Send Us your photos. Thank you so much! We Love Colors