Vogue Japan - September 2013

Swathed in a wardrobe of fur and boudoir pieces, Catherine McNeil graces the pages of Vogue Japan’s September issue. The luxe, retro story was photographed by Emma Summerton and styled by Patti Wilson featuring our Fishnets on every page!

Japan Vogue Septemberwelovecolors00
Japan Vogue Septemberwelovecolors01
Japan Vogue Septemberwelovecolors02
Japan Vogue Septemberwelovecolors03
Japan Vogue Septemberwelovecolors04
Japan Vogue Septemberwelovecolors05
Japan Vogue Septemberwelovecolors06
Japan Vogue Septemberwelovecolors07
Japan Vogue Septemberwelovecolors08