Tahti Syrjala: Checkers, Diamonds and Lilac

Are you the type of girl who rips her tights the same day she gets them? Well so is Tahti S. of her personal fashion and photography blog, Tahti Syrjala, but when she slipped into her We Love Colors Checkerboard Tights, Diamond Tights, and Lilac Microfiber Tights rips, pulls and snags were a thing of the past. In her own words, "...I was amazed at how, well, well-made they appeared to be - especially the patterned pairs. You know on the inside of patterned tights there's usually stray threads and weak spots? Not WLC tights - every seam is strong, stitched tightly, and no strays." They withstood her tugging and stretching and she found the Lilac Microfiber Tights to be nothing short of "pure unadulterated pigment on your legs." Check out her exquisite photos below.

Photos taken by Tahti S. and Maeve:

Thanks Tahti for the beautiful photos!

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