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Nylon/Lycra Splash Colors Tights

These unique and colorful tights 70 denier opaque full-footed tights contain 18% Lycra, allowing them to stretch to fit. This product is available in Medium/Tall. 82% Nylon / 18% Lycra. Splash colors shown are #7205. #7202, #2132.


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Nylon/Lycra Splash Colors Tights
  • Colored Nylon/Lycra Splash Colors Tights
  • Colorful Nylon/Lycra Splash Colors Tights
  • Nylon/Lycra Splash Colors Tights and Hosiery

7 Colors to choose! We Love Colors!

Please Note: Colors may vary slightly. See our Color Guide.

Customer Comments

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" good quality items "

"I love love love love the colors your tights can come in. wow"

"The colors are so wonderful. Love my tights and leggings."

"I couldn't have many colours of hosiery were available for so many different styles, especially in plus sizes!"

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100 - 175 lb

5' - 5'10"


135- 180 lb

5'9"- 6'1"